<Positive Tension> is a raiding/social community looking for people that want both a quality atmospheric raiding environment and a fun community of nice/rational people. We emphasize on both of these thus we don't accept people just in it for the raiding, everyone in our guild needs to be talkative, active and a decent enough person.

We want players that think before their actions and how they might affect others, don't go around all selfish or trip over their own ego all the time. We do not take any lootcrazed maniacs, elitists nor ragers whatsoever in this guild, people need to be both a decent person and a decent raider to join our raidteam.

In our raids we don't just shout at eachother but discuss what's going on and help eachother improve with constructive criticism instead of simply raging at eachother like most other guilds and keep a nice atmosphere with fun and jokes in the raid while maintaining a high quality standard (Mid/End Heroic by the end of each patch).
We will accept mistakes and help by teaching you some of the ropes but you will need to show motivation, dedication and skill in the game as WoW isn't rocketscience and raiding is not incredibly hard to get the hang of.

For our raids we require people to be completely prepared with flasks, potions, enchants, gems, reforges, tactics, teamspeak and full knowledge of their needed specialisations. We're pretty picky about this stuff but not 100% theorycrafty knitpicky, don't be scared off!

We have a trial that lasts a minimum of 2 weeks, this is to see if someone fits into our community as we don't want anyone that isn't also here for the social side and whether or not they can raid properly (and prepare etc.)

Applications for Raiders are required on our website

Social Members
Next to the raiding part, we also accept social members as long as they're talkative and we also require a trial for the socials to see whether or not they fit in, we don't just take randoms for the perks, we only take people because they want to be part of our community.

Applications for social members aren't required, whisper Disheartened for a conversation.

Dedication and Reliability
We want our members to be a part of the community for a long time and don't take temporary members just wanting a step-up in raiding, we take people that want to be a part of our community and more importantly; our group of friends. We don't want new raiders, we want new friends in our guild. Thus dedication is quite important for us and we prefer people joining on the majority of their characters and not raiding with any other guilds.

If we notice an application is made to another guild or dedication/effort in the guild is starting to drag, we will take some action (who knows, maybe even drastic). But well, we want everyone in our guild to be here because they feel friends with us, not just acquintances.
Reliability is also an important point in our guild as it might be a game but if you do not show up in time, 9-24 other (real) people might be disappointed, which is unacceptable to us. Alright everyone has an emergency once in a while but showing up when you say you're going to show up is a very important point for us.

Guild Management
Our guild is not a corrupt group of IRL friends giving eachother perks/ranks just for the sake of it, officers in our guild are chosen for their dedication, effort and leadership abilities. We don't give raidspots/ranks/items to buddies simply because we have a beer with them every week.

That out of the way, we're a democratic-vibed community in which we take everyone's opinion into consideration, if you have something to say, just come out with it. Just because a guildmaster or officer disagrees doesn't mean you have to quit the guild, it just shows that opinions differ and we can resolve issues with discussion, not just random kicks.
Discussion is very important in our guild and we want people to be able to talk about their problems with anything and just throw out their (well-argumented) opinions so we can make this guild great for everyone.

That said, the guild doesn't adjust to just the guildmaster or officers, if raidtimes need to be adjusted for the members and everyone agrees, sure we will, the guild is here for the members, not just a narcissistic guildmaster.

Guild Events
In the guild we also have social events such as treasure hunts, races, quiz events and duel tournaments including fabulous prizes! These happen on a weekly basis and switch regularly.

Loot and Bank

Loot is divided by the loot council consistant of players chosen for their knowledge of multiple classes (and stats) and the ability to make selfless decisions. Items will go to the player who they suit most, otherwise we roll. We make these decisions depending on rank, attendance and stats.

If loot drops, it's there to improve the guild, not an individual member. If another player's gear improves, your raid improves and that's all raiding gear is good for in the end (well unless you want to brag about your new 502 shoulders /brag)

Repairs/Enchants/Gems/Flasks/Potions available at Raider rank.

In our guild we have 2 raidteams:

Team Mercury
- Representative: Disheartened
- Size: 10
- Raid Times: 19:30-23:00
- Raid Days: Sunday and Monday

Team Luno
- Representative: Disconsolate
- Size: 10
- Raid Times: 19:30-23:00
- Raid Days: Tuesday and Thursday

If you wish to raid 4 days you can consider joining both teams on 2 seperate characters, which need to be equally prepared and equally skilled.

Mogu'Shan Vaults: 4/6 Normal, Elegon not attemped
Heart of Fear: Imperial Vizier on 20%
Terrace of Endless Spring: not attempted

Note: Up-to-date progression found on our website.

Currently Needed:
- Warlock, which can play all 3 specialisations. (High)
- Mage, which can play all 3 specialisations. (High)
- Priest, Shadow (OS preferred) (Medium)
- Paladin, Holy (High)
- Druid, Restoration (Medium)
- Monk, Mistweaver (Medium)
- Shaman, Elemental (Low)

Player vs Player
When our raidteams are completely set up we will also focus on a rated battleground team on a friday or saturday night, this is not our primary focus. A lot of members are into arena, you can get your fill of that, this section will be updated once we have the RBG team plan ready.

Further Information:
Website: Positivetension dot net
Voice Chat: Teamspeak 3
Guild Level: 25
Guild Leader: Disheartened/Disconsolate/Disappointed

Thanks for reading,
- Positive Tension Community