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    Will of the Forsaken

    hi, i remember this as a good utility skill, a wannabe pvp trinket who served good but i never played an undead in compettitive scene nor do i have any high lvl undeads. some of my friends said me that this skill got nerfed pretty much. can anyone tell me what happened ? is it still good in pvp ?

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    It is still good. Situational but good - never too many fear breakers when going against a team with classes with fear ability.

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    Go for a human race anyways.
    Their racial is still broken for PvP.

    But well, yeah. If you want stick to the horde, I'd pick a undead, if You're a playing a class that undead can be the race, Blood Elf with the silence is the win.

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    It didn't get nerfed that hard really. They made it so that it puts a 30s cooldown on your pvp trinket after used. You still get 2 cc breakers per 2 minutes rather then 1, it's just that you can't use them right after each other when you are being chain cc'd.

    Still the best racial for pvp on horde side, particuarly with how fear heavy the game is right now.

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    http://www.wowwiki.com/Will_of_the_Forsaken (not fully updated)

    Used to be really really OP
    Then really OP
    After okay
    Back to OP

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