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    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 25HC - who should go into spirit realm?

    Finally we started HC progress with our new 25 group (GJ for us ). First day we killed 2 bosses. Today we're going to kill Gara'jal

    And I have one crucial question: which classes should go into spirit realm? We have plenty of players so we can creat almost all possible setups. I know that not always same ppl will go into spirit, but I need to know what are your preferences. And the question is about dps.

    This fight is dps check, so decision who will go into spirt realm and who we will nuke the boss is extremly important.

    Next question about healers. We have to choose from: 3 holy paladins, 3 resto druids, only 1 monk, 2 disco/holy priests, 3 resto shamans (damn, we have lot of healers ;]). We need to take 5 (or even 4) of them. Who should go?

    And last question is about tanks. We have 2 guardian druids and 2 prot warriors (and prot paladin in offspec). In theory warriors should tank it. What are your thoughts?

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    Warlocks, Ele Shamans, Boomkins, Shadowpriests - all great classes to go inside (dps wise). Holy Palas are decent due to their ability to get stacks up very quickly with LoH, but healer doesnt really matter.

    If the adds look under control, they should leave the spirit realm early and resume dps on the boss.
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    Healers. 2 pallies 1 disc priest doing dps heals 1 shaman who is dpsing during blood lust at start and then anything else that isnt a monk.

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    We can provide 2 locks, 2 boomkins, 2 spriests and 2 ele. Looks like party to kill

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    Mages with nether tempest, + when they come out the haste/mastery/crit buff works wonders with their combustion. (As it does with most tbh)

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