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    Patch notes missing ? ( balance )

    hey i was wondering.

    when looking intro all the upcomming changes in patch 5.1
    i also look intro the Uncategorized notes.

    i found two dps stuff that could be about balance druid changes ?

    Starfall: Calls down a rain of starlight, burning all enemies in a selected area for 19000 to 21000 57000 to 63000 Arcane damage every 2 sec. for 6 sec.

    I also found that wrath should have some higher numbers.. all this infomation was posted on MMO-champ first, then later removed ?

    What happent ? why did this changes never go intro a druid post ? or is this spells not even druid based ?

    p.s this changes can still be found around on google aswell..
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    Its npc spell not our starfall.

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