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    Just hit 90 - Disc or Shadow

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    Just hit 90, im planning on PvP'ing and doing arenas soon and Ive leveled shadow and BG'd as Shadow and its a blast and all but im wondering before I blow any honor on gear, if Disc is worth picking up and mastering. I read that its the lowest tier pvp healer but that it had potential and its slowly getting buffed. I love healing and I've healed arenas before so thats no problem. Stay shadow for easyness or go master Disc for arena?

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    if you've just hit 90, you should start rerolling or find a good mental hospital for yourself. if you want to linger on the "frayed ends of sanity" go play -or at least try- disc. or else shadow

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    Hahaha oh man. Interesting reply :P I need more opinions though

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    Disc sucks without their damage and mana burn worst PvP healer, shadow is top tier PvP caster

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    But I feel like dots and damage of Spriests cant keep up or compete with the burst of mages and warlocks. And still get destroyed by warriors.

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    I have problem killing anything 1v1, maybe im just bad... But its great in arena.

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    Disc is pretty fun. I find spriest annoying because I'm too used to the TBC version, although the extra survivability abilities are nice.

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    disc is the worst healer out there atm. go shadow they doing good pvp wise atm.

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