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    (H) Darkened- Defias Brotherhood Recruiting Pve/Social (10 man)


    Darkened are recruiting more raiders to our ranks as we fight our way across the Mop raids.

    On 21st November 2008, a few friends decided at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King Expansion, that we wanted a new way to raid, one that meant we could maintain our real lives, while reaching end content progress, thus Darkened was born on Burning Steppes.
    The guild is now nearly 4 years old, and faces new challenges with the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion, however this will not deter us from progressing and enjoying the game! We've also transfered to Defias Brotherhood Server (eu) to allow our guild to flourish more and give Darkened new challanges to face.
    Darkened is an English speaking guild with several nationalities within who get along great with no language barrier. We are currently looking for dedicated members that enjoy raiding, who want to get the most out of Mists of Pandaria and we're also opening the doors to new players preparing for MoP be it to be social, or join us in raiding.
    A friendly and mature attitude will be essential as we want to build a good team to take on raids and do not want people who are not going to work with the guild as one unit. Above all we are here to play the game and have fun. We are crazy, nothing is ever boring within guild, so make sure to bring a sense of humor too
    We expect our members to respect our decision on the fact that these raids are unpuggable until a tues night with an executives permission, as we're here to work as a guild and a team, and not out for ourselves.
    Darkened will not tolerate members who are bullies, racist or ninjas. We like to maintain a good reputation where necessary, and encourage all members to be honest as possible.

    Currently Darkened are 8/16 normal (6/6 MV 2/6 HoF)
    Darkened are looking to recruit some more players to fill out our ranks and allow us to get a second raid team up and running permanently
    we are currently recruiting:
    Ranged DPS- In high need
    Melee DPS- Moderate need
    Healers- Moderate need
    Tanks- Small need

    if you like what you see, and, like many others, you want to raid but cannot commit to 3-5 nights per week of raiding, then check us out at

    With the start of MoP and 5.1, Darkened also opened its doors to social ranks. At present we have around 160 members with a mix of raiders and social.
    Social ranks are more than welcome to come along and get a feel for the guild in heroics and random BG's, and are also invited to other guild events. Whilst we dont expect that every social will want the opportunity to raid with us, we are more than happy to accommodate and our raiders are patient enough to help out with class knowledge etc.
    If you are interested in a social rank, No application is nessisery. feel free to whisper one of our members ingame

    Outside of raiding:
    With our 4 year anniversary coming up, we will be having our usual Guild birthday party, where we try to get as many people involved in the guild in some festive celebrations. Presents and cake for everyone, as well as fun and games such as the Thunder Bluff Death jump, The Arena Royal Rumble, and the Guild Quiz. previous prizes have included Darkmoon decks, Mounts, and Pets.
    As well as our birthday bonanza, we also run old raids for achievements/ transmog items, and run BG's as well for those who are more into their pvp.

    In conclusion:
    To sum things up. If you like what you have seen here, or have any further questions. do not hesitate to ask any of our members or officers ingame (Allrok, Morbidia, Chunkycarl, ). We would love to see more people in the guild so that our community can grow. On a final note:

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    Bump- Updated progression and recruiting needs

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