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    [A] <Replicant> - Bloodfeather - (25M) 1/6 MV 2/6 HoF Recruiting DPS.

    Recruiting for Mop!

    (note: we're on 1/6 heroic MV)

    Replicant is a guild that has been around since the start of Wrath of the Lich King on Bloodfeather and that has a core group that has been here since the start. Throughout the years we have been getting more and more experienced with raiding and managing a 25 man guild. We are a progressive guild that raids about 15 hours per week on 4-5 days and our goal is to push the progression as much as possible.

    Raiding times (Local server time):

    sunday - 19:30-23:00
    monday - 19:30-23:00
    tuesday - 19:30-23:00
    wednesday - 19:30-23:00
    thursday - 19:30-23:00

    What we can offer you:

    - A social yet progressive raiding guild.
    - A group of easy to get along with, mature (sometimes) and friendly.
    - Experienced raiders and raid leaders that have been around since the start.
    - A friendly atmosphere, inside and out of raids.
    - Low rotation raiding
    - Friend and Alt rank, so your friends can join as well!
    - Progression

    What we expect from you:

    - A high level of communication.
    - A high level of attendance to prevent the need for rotation.
    - An experienced raider who can adapt and learn from mistakes
    - A player dedicated to achieving progression, both for yourself and the guild.
    - A very friendly and social player
    - A player being prepared for every raid and knows the ins and outs of his character

    What are we recruiting right now?

    We are always open to the right kind of person however right now emphasis is on:

    Melee - Warrior, Monk, Rogue , Feral Druid
    Ranged - Warlock, 2x Balance Druid, Ele Shammy
    Possibly a healer if the application is good.

    If you are interested you can always contact us ingame. Contact Dfault, Sanslister or Shivator, ofcourse you can always contact one of our other raiders as well to get a slight impression of our guild.

    You can also go directly to our website Replicant.eu and post an application. We will try to respond within 24hrs at most, we do not leave people sitting there waiting on a reply for 2 weeks. Next to that we will always give feedback to applicants.

    Kind regards,

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    Searching for new players, every exceptional player has a fair chance !

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    especially looking for high skilled rogues to share my loot with!

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    Looking more players for 25m heroic raiding!

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    hophop ! Looking for exceptional players !

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    3/16 Heroic now, bit slacking due to holidays, well be back on track at New year!

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