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    dude op im glad you are making some coin but if you really wanna make some gold inscription, jewlerycrafting alchemy (trans master) will make you alot more in my opinion. I have every profession, 2 and 3 of some but my scribes, trans masters and my jc are where its at, especially when you farm all your own mats

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    There are better places to farm ghost iron too. cool story though

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    they guy gives a tips and what does he get back .. ? =)

    ok, may not be the best but the intention was good.

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    the price for a stack of ore is 17g atm on my server.
    It is full of bots.

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    40ish per on Sargeras - Alliance

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    only time mining is worth doing is first week on xpack. by the time 1st week is done market is flooded with ores from bots and there is no point in spending your time mining when you can earn much more money in that time with other things. ofc if you dont play on realms with 10ppl or less wich are not interesting for bots.

    This xpack i found inscription and cooking to be real money makers. just with that 2 pulled over 500k since start of xpack. I understand this isnt some big money for proper ah players but its 500k by doing nothing. 300food was going for 250gold per one in first few weeks and now stabilized around 60gold per one.

    Alchemy was huge succes as well but living steel now droped to 600gold and primal diamnonds to 300gold on my realm so making belt buckles and cuting gems aint so huge profit as in start but still making a nice living of it.

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    Will have to start doing this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Inscription is still beating all others right now with DMF cards, I can make around 1k profit per card right now.
    You can only make one card per day. 1k profit per day is NOT impressive at all.

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    I make more buying the stacks at 40g, prospecting the gems, cutting them, and putting them back up for 200-400g (roughly about 4x what you are making) and I never have to leave town. Takes me about 2 hours to clear 1200g. On a slow week I make 5K. Last week was a bit busier with 33K. Mining is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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