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    What is the most offensive healer?

    I am curious to find out which class is the most offensive healer. Basically looking to heal but then when not needing to heal have the most offensive options open to it?

    Originally I was playing Disc priest but now that most of the offensive options have been gutted was looking to see what else is available. Any suggestions for me?

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    I guess monk is as offensive as you'll get as a healer, since some of your heals do a good amount of dps

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    Disc priest imo and Resto druids are/were strong

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    I think brewmaster monks are the most offensive. Heck, their entire class revolves around drinking booze and getting drunk! Drunkenness in my WoW offends my delicate tastes! :P

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    Well I was going to say disc priest or shaman.

    Disc priest due to atonement healing and shaman due to healing rain.
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    Disc priests are still probably the most offensive, they're always so rude and unapologetic... just kidding But ya, discs are still probably the most offensive with offensive dispels / penance+holy fire+smite+shadow word: death - disc is struggling lately on live but should be receiving buffs in 5.1 (possibly next week or the week after?).

    Since you already are a disc priest and are looking for a change though, there are two ways to go with this - you need to define offensive a little better to decide. Resto druids have heart of the wild and can turn into pretty effective Ferals temporarily (even after the HotW nerf), and good trees do spend a lot of time casting cyclones and roots: that's defensive in the sense that it stops damage to your team, but offensive compared to resto shamans and holy paladins who mostly hide and react with healing. So that could be one interpretation of what you're looking for.

    As a resto shaman landing offensive wind shears and shocks was a good mix of offensive and defensive play - but the longer cooldown on wind shear has mostly relegated them to being largely defensive healers now.

    Holy Paladins like resto druids have some offensive damaging attacks, and their Repentance is another good mix of offensive and defensive action - but still more oriented to reactive healing and hiding than resto druids (let alone disc priests).

    The last and possibly the best option is Mistweavers, who - like disc priests - are capable of non-trivial DPS but require melee range to pull it off, and gain healing through their damage effects: encouraging this offensive playstyle. Mistweavers also have Paralysis which, like Repentance and Cyclone, requires a more offensive playstyle than kiting and healing and contributes greatly to their teams success.

    Ultimately though, the "most offensive healer" by pretty much any metric is still Discipline, and hopefully the buffs they get in 5.1 make them competitive again.
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    Druid are the most offensive healer. The pressure we can add to our teammates is insane, especially because we have several tools that we can use at same time.

    Just to give you an idea, I'm playing resto druid with a mage and a spriest. In the beginning of the game versus a tsg for example, I can make 50% of the work or them to open on the warrior. I stun>cyclone the healer, roots on dk, and repeat while my teammates burst warrior and force a trinket majority of times (if they don't land a kill right there that is). Besides, the fact that cyclone prevents heals makes it so a healer popping cooldowns might just be in a bad place, because they simply can't get anything off. Not to mention that I can pop tree and keep my team bursting while the enemy team burst, and even pop heart of the wild to help dps.
    Also, I can't get polymorphed, and I'm actually loaded with tools to avoid cc: displacer beast (works wonders for spriest running to me to fear), roar and tyhpoon (these work great to interrupt casts) and even just being so strong in terms of movement. That makes it hard for the enemy team from stopping me from cc.

    I'd say rshammies are behind druids, but mostly because they are still the top healer in terms of output, which allows their team to remain offensive for longer, and naturally because of the windshears (that can add quite nice pressure to the enemy healer), and the purges.
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    Ehh, this is in the pvp forum. Don't talk about what you experience while doing daily quests or from a lore pov (in other words monk isnt the correct answer).

    Disc priests used to be the most offensive in the past, but now every other healer brings everything a disc priest does, just in a better version.

    I'd say in terms of offense: resto shaman > druid >>> priest > paladin. The only time a disc priest can top a druid and shaman in offensive play is during a CC heavy opener (RMP for example), with double dispels (mass dispel and normal), aoe fear, psyfiend and offensive dispels. Any other time you are forced to play defensively because your class is shit.

    Druids got the most CC (Typhoon, 5 sec stun, cyclone, roots) but shaman got double purge (ridicoules glyph), windshear, hex, totem root and stun.
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    I regularly snare/root, incapacitate, disarm and DPS on my MW monk in PvP situations (whether arena or BGs). I consider that pretty damn offensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hanto View Post
    I regularly snare/root, incapacitate, disarm and DPS on my MW monk in PvP situations (whether arena or BGs). I consider that pretty damn offensive.
    Ya I Shadow/Rogue/Mistweaver with a monk and she needs to play very offensive in our comp - it works quite well. Mistweavers and Disc priests are still the most offensive healers by a good margin I'd say.

    Edit: That said, it's obviously not a great comp - the point was that offensive mistweaver play is critical to the comps success.
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    Disc priest when they don't suck, they have mind control(hard to get off) and fear so you can make up for a certain specs lack of cc. Really nice defensive cool downs, and offensive dispels. Shadow word death when used well is really amazing, fear ward is decent but its not as good as tremor. Disc aura mastery is the best you can't dispel anything off the priest so u can be immune to anything while it's up. Give yourself fear ward and you are unfearable for a good 5 seconds stops people from taking off bop as well. I think priest is the hardest healer to play correctly. Disc priest have to hard cast the most next to shamans, juking is a must as a disc priest. They suck right now but when they are at there best are really fun.

    Paladins damage wise
    shamans have dispels and meh cc
    druids have tons of cc but no offensive dispels atm druid

    my opinion: Shaman or Druids it depends on your partner really.
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    Damage = Hpally. They have strong consistant dmg and denounce debuff, as well as rediculous dmg with cds up even without the shock glyph.
    CC = Rduid. Most cc and strong burst if HoW specced, can control a whole team basically.
    Also: Shammys bring good cc and interrupt but most importantly a 2 buff purge (glyped) which is extremely offensive against certain teams (cough mages cough).

    Disc is meh now tbh after the rest of the healers gained so much cc while disc lost mind control and mana burn. Psyfiend is still a bitch but thats about it. Dont know a whole lot about monks but they seem to be able to peel melee effectively, not sure how exactly offensive that is.

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    druid by far, unkillable, unlimited mana, high aoe healing which gives them initiative. as most said worst is priest since mc only works in 2's and all other things that can be done by priests can be done by others too, even holy priest is better then disc since hymn + 1 more heal + 1 more cc. holydins are good too in all terms

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    Here's a comparison of the different class' burst capability and resto druid actually beats half of the dps specs. Holy pally is last (but steady dmg) and disc isn't even on there:
    youtube . com/watch?v=ISqZKaiArN0

    So I would say Resto Druid ^^

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    No matter burst capabilities, i still think that disc are probably the most offensive spec becouse they can create dmg buffer with PWS allowing them more room for playing agressive. Also offensive dispell, mass dispell, solid dmg fire and forget pet, speed boosters allowing more reliable fear application and 2 insanely good livesavers - void shift and pain supression. Tought to play but very fun and rewarding.

    Imo mistweaver monk can't go offensive, you don't want to go melee on any healer unless you've balls of steel (and your teammates won't appreciate it). Would be curious to see if they'll be able to play to full offensive potential in double healer setup.

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    Maybe this is what are you looking for

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    A naked female troll is offensive imo 7/7 Mythic EN / 3/3 Mythic ToV / 10/10 Mythic NH / 9/9 Mythic ToS some old school CM fun
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    Monk. I saw quite a few people playing mistweaver as DPS with some success doing far more damage then healing.

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    If you mean offensive as in DPS-abilities then i would say Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Resto Shaman and Resto druid. In that order

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    I play as Holy Paladin, When I'm not healing I'm spamming Denounce, Judgement (Glyphed to increase my Denounce to cast quicker on RNG), Holy Shock, Crusader Strike and Holy Prism. I can help my PvP partner burst down healers ect works pretty well

    Most healers can do some medicore damage though.

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