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    That is the problem, hybrids are able to double-dip on PVP power and get twice the benefit.
    Im still confused on this. How exactly do hybrids "double dip" and get more than say, stacking their primary statistic? As an spriest for example, stacking intellect would increase damage and healing same as pvp power does. Enhance and Ret convert atk power into spell power, so when they stack Agi/Str (as opposed to pvp power) they also get more healing and damage. The fact that it double dips is how it should be, pvp power is doing the same thing as the primary statistic for hybrids. Granted pvp power is more, but that's the point of that stat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deleth View Post
    Paladin true, but their normal damage isn't anything to snear at either. While it's not absurdly high it's still way more then decent. DK's aren't anywhere as fragile as you try to make them out to be, against melees maybe it's true but against casters they have a solid defense. And their mobility is at least decent, couple that with lots of range CC and gap closers and they're actually in a fairly good spot.
    saying you don't mind if blizz messes up and nerfs melee hybrids in the process is stupid and ignorant of you. none of the melee hybrids are over tuned right now and none of them deserve to have their viability hurt because blizz took a chainsaw to shadowpriest healing instead of a scalpel.

    the only melee that is over tuned right now are warriors and a they are most assuredly NOT hybrid healers.
    " I need a sec, my wrists hurt from spamming slam so hard. Playing cleave vs cleave is tough stuff guys"

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