View Poll Results: What loot distribution system does your guild use?

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  • Free Roll

    30 34.88%
  • Suicide Kings

    3 3.49%
  • Loot Council

    29 33.72%
  • DKP

    15 17.44%
  • EPGP

    15 17.44%
  • Other

    8 9.30%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Suicide Kings with the exception that if you are not there during the raid you are not moved up and weapons, trinkets, and tier tokens are not suicided on but sent to an open loot council for distribution.

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    Need for MS, greed for OS, pass to pass.

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    The guild I'm in just does /roll and there's somewhat of a "loot council" that decides who gets a piece if there's competition for it. 10 man loot distribution is much simpler than 25 man(obviously) and most 10 man guilds are tightly knit enough that sharing isn't an issue.

    I've been in 25 man guilds with loot council distribution where they claim it's "fair" but in reality they distributed by officer > veteran raiders > newer raiders > trials.
    I was in this one guild where I spanked their resident resto shaman ALL the time and even after I was promoted to raider, he got priority on mail gear before me. The only time I got mail gear is if he already had the item or was "nice enough" to pass it to me. That sort of loot distribution is based more on favoritism/seniority and is BS imo.

    I was a loot council officer back during Wrath in a 25 man guild and I think we handled loot distribution fairly. If there was a highly desired piece that drops, we would consider performance, attendance, attitude, size of upgrade, how long it had been since someone had gotten loot...if all that ended up being even between 2 solid raiders, we would have them roll off, which it didn't come to very often.

    Bottom line, loot council DOES work if you have a fair team of officers distributing. I've always hated favoritism, as everyone in a raid kills a boss together and deserves a fair shot at loot, as long as they've been showing up and doing their jobs well.

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    Loot council es numero uno

    Made by dubbelbasse

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    Good old /roll for MS/OS. One piece of tier/mainspec per raid, unlimited offspec. I find it works quite well.
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    Lowest ilvl wins if 2 or more wants the same item.

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    we use DKP for our 10 man guild, most of us have been raiding together for quite awhile now so those that share usable loot usually work something out between them....

    we reset it every tier to prevent hording and keep everyone on equal footing aswell as each piece having set values. we downsized to a 10 man guild some time in FL and the system is a variation of what we used then, still a work in progress but the current version has not caused any drama as of yet

    to add to that for offspec gear, the people who never raid in thier offspec pass up to those that do if theres any cross over
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