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    [A]-Hello Kitty Adventures-10m-Nordrassil

    Hello Kitty Adventures is a semi-hardcore raiding guild.The guild was formed during the 2nd tier of Cataclysm (Firelands) and cleared both Firelands(5/7hc) and Dragon soul(8/8hc),while always maintaining a good rank among the top guilds of Nordrassil.Most of the core raiders are people that joined the guild back in Cataclysm,but also people our high ranked members met and played with in D3,SC2 and other MMO's and recruited them for WoW due to their skills,their dedication to progress and always being social,mature.

    Current Progress:
    MSV: 4/6 HC
    HOF: 6/6 N
    TOES: 4/4 N

    What are we looking for?

    We are not looking for best in slot geared players.What we want is at least 90% attendance on raiding days,full knowledge of your class and off specs in case we need you as a different role,given the requirements of the boss,be prepared with flasks,pots,food buffs for every raid etc.

    If you are dedicated and as willing as the rest of us to progress as fast as possible,while aiming for rank 1 on the server,then HKA will welcome you as a trial and test all the above.

    We are looking for:
    All kinds of healing classes(would prefer monk/paly/shaman).
    All kinds of monks are needed.
    Ranged dps (hunter/mage/sp/ele)
    Melee dps (rogue/war)

    Our raiding schedule:
    Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 8:00-12:00

    Off-raiding days will most of the time have a raid event up(mostly when fast progress is needed) and if a group can be formed,there will be a raid.

    Raiders are expected to attend at least 90% of the planned raiding days, meaning progress and farm status raids and we also expect you to be fully aware of all tactics for them.

    Go apply Hka.enjin.com
    For more info check website/whisper Stormpiggly/Dalhe/Kayleitha online.

    Thanks for reading.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    PS:My real id is Daspien#2529.Contact me for whatever info.
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