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Man, I can't wait to log in tonight and let the guild know that my responsibilities as RL are makign all the decisions and calling out stuff.

I wonder if feasts/flasks will still get made, I wonder if replacements will magicly show up, I hope the strats and videos get posted to the guild site, I hope someone pays for a VOIP for us to use, I hope someone else knows all the ins and outs of the fight to review WOL and help the raiders get better.

Sweet, raid leading means calling shit out and making all the decisions. Whoot my job just got a lot eaiser!
lol wow. Feast doesn't have to be sole responsibility of the raid leader but sure they usually are, but only because alot of raid groups are just lazy as hell, and the raid lead can usually do it for reasons I won't say here. VOIP is not always the responsibility of the raid leader...I know quite alot of guilds where the voip is provided by a regular raider. Your raiders should be responsible for themselves and take it upon themselves to improve. Raid leader is there to setup strategies during raid, and call stuff out, make assigments etc. not carry all the workload that your raiders should be doing themself.

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Your guild sounds really lazy if they won't even do WOL / watch videos / flask food buff. That is basically what everyone should be doing.