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    Leveling a WD

    Hello there,

    I'm bored right now with my Wiz, so I'd like to level a WD as fast as possible. I have a few questions + if you have any pro tips i'll be happy to use them.

    1. Leveling AT MP 10 from the start? Efficient? If not what's a good MP to do it on?
    2. I don't have Hellfire ring so that's unusable. Is it worth purchasing +xp items?
    3. Do I need to complete all acts from start to finish in all dificulties to unlock inferno?'
    4. Any other advices?


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    1. I couldn't get MP10 down fast enough to be worth it, 5 is good -UNTIL- you get to level 42 at which point I bought a level reduced item (ilvl 63 req. level 42) with 1k DPS on it. I went back to MP10 and was blazing it.
    2. Yes. Get the Cain's set (3 piece is 30% XP) and a helm with a socket and put a red gem in it
    3. No, you can have someone just port you to the diablo kill quest
    4. XP gear + pickup radius (for health globes), don't pick up loot, get run speed

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    Awesome! Thanks!

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