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    Do you have a watch?

    I've seen quite a few people lately wearing watches. Some of them say they find easier looking at them rather than making the effort to pick their phones from the pockets, some say they like them more, and some say 'that's the fashion'.

    I personally wear a Fossil ch2565 every day, because we're not allowed to use our phones at school, during the classes. I got it as a present from my parents a few years ago, and I love it.

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    I have a watch my ex gave me for Valentine's a few years back. It has a digital and analog display (which I love) and a comfortable wristband. I don't wear it anymore however. My skin is naturally more oily than normal, that coupled with being quite the hairy dude means that a watch band suffocates my wrist, causes it to sweat and the band starts to smell odd after wearing it for a while. I tend to only be able to wear watches for a couple of months before this starts happening/getting on my nerves.

    I still have the watch however, it sits perfectly unscathed on my desk at home.

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    Nope. Never been fond of watches, but my partner is, so I buy him one every year.

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    Yeah I do. Even though I'm behind a computer most of the time ( so I can check the time by just looking at the system time ) I still wear one.

    Partly for fashion I guess.

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    When I go out I wear one, but otherwise it sits next to my computer for most of the time.

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    Nope. You got a clock on your phone right???

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    Yeah. I don't have it because I need it, as such, being that I pretty much always carry my phone around with me. But a) I like it, and b) it's slightly handy in the winter. Without it, I'd have to struggle with my gloves in my trouser pockets. It's only a slight convenience, but I still like it.

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    I do have a watch, but it's nothing fancy. It's five years old watch water resistant watch from Quartz and that's all i know about it. :P

    It feels weird if i don't wear it, but i do take it of occasionally when i sit in front of a computer.

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    Have a Dr. Who fobwatch thing

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    I do. And a lot of people I know wear them to be honest.
    Besides looking at the time, it looks great too!

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    I have a digital watch I bought for $10 5 years ago. Still works flawlessly on the original batteries, it is also water resistant.
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    Haven't worn a watch for years, used to be kinda "addicted" to wearing one though, even slept with it on haha.
    None of my friends or family wear watches anymore either, hardly ever see someone with a watch these days in fact.

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    I have a wrist watch, just some generic Rolex ripoff, but it works and looks fine to me. I also have two pocket watches. One is from Disney, and anniversary edition, and the other is a plain bronze one.

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    I wear a watch for a few reasons:
    1) I like the watch I have
    2) It is convenient for checking the time
    3) Due to security reasons I cannot have my phone on my person while at my job site.

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    Nope. Phone. I would like to get a wrist watch with a compass on it some day.

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    I only where one when i'm in my army uniform (Its pretty much part of the uniform especially when I become and officer)

    It's just a crappy 10 dollar walmart watch but it tells me the time and that's all I need it for

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    Pocket watch for me, or phone no watch, if a wear one either breaks from banging it against something or i lose it

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    got a watch on my wrist, one in my jacket (a pocket watch) and i got my phone ofc.. i love watches..

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    My cell is my watch. Why carry more things than I need?
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    I have several wristwatches, but they don't get much use, even for "formal" suit and tie events. I just don't find them very comfortable, and I'm so used to whipping out my phone to check the time.

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