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    I've seen quite a few people lately wearing watches. Some of them say they find easier looking at them rather than making the effort to pick their phones from the pockets, some say they like them more, and some say 'that's the fashion'.

    I personally wear a Fossil ch2565 every day, because we're not allowed to use our phones at school, during the classes. I got it as a present from my parents a few years ago, and I love it.

    Thats a pretty good looking watch... i wear one just because ive always worn one... but idk why but i tend to look at my phone even if i have my watch on
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    I have a watch. It's a simple, silver Timex with an elastic band. I like the fashion, but it's also very functional for knowing the time.

    Quite similar to this:

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    Bought one from River Island in may for £10 because most watches are too big for my wrist, I don't like the bloated ones aha! But yeah, it's a lot easier than picking up your phone, and a lot quicker, looks good when wearing smart clothing too, and saves Battery!

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    Always used a watch since I was a kid, I prefer metallic straps, and bulky structure. Though at the moment I'm sporting a slimmer old 70's Leijona watch, which is Finnish craftsmanship.

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    I have always worn a wrist watch, I consider it more practical than taking out my phone, and it looks better. For work I use an 8 year old Timex shock resistant sports watch(still works perfectly), but for special occasions I have a Casio Edifice I got 2 years ago.

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    I wore digital watches from ages 14-16.
    Broke it, and never got another one.
    Bought a French Connection watch for $250 at the start of the year. Wear it everywhere but at home and at work.
    I dress 'rich' when I go out as a style, just helps it.
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    I almost never carry my phone, so unless I'm sitting at a computer or asleep, a watch is on my wrist.

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    I have a military style analogue watch I use every day but I initially bought it for camping. It has all the fancy extra timers for sunrise and stuff. I also have a quality silver dress watch that feels like I'm wearing razor wire on my wrist but it does look good.

    I prefer a watch over getting my phone out, just seems more convinient.
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    I have no wrist watch. When I was a kid I lived in an area where you could get your ass kicked by muggers, I personally knew few that were stealing watches from other kids. So I never wore one, to not tempt the fate, and I think it just stayed with me up till today.
    ATM I have a cell phone that I have all the time with me, so I don't feel a need for a wrist watch.

    I do have an old pocket watch though that I wear along with my tux, but it's more of a gadget than a watch I use :P
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    Yep, much easier to glance at my wrist to see the time, than it is to dig around in my bag and find my phone
    Used watches since I was a kid, so I'm used to it by now.

    Personally prefer quite simple looking watches, not too bulky.
    My mum got me this one for Christmas last year, and the style is perfect for me.
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    Second post describes exactly why I don't wear any watches:
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanto View Post
    My skin is naturally more oily than normal, that coupled with being quite the hairy dude means that a watch band suffocates my wrist, causes it to sweat and the band starts to smell odd after wearing it for a while. I tend to only be able to wear watches for a couple of months before this starts happening/getting on my nerves.
    If I wear a metal band watch, it pulls out half my arm hairs. If I wear a leather one, it starts smelling really funky after a week :'(

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    I wear one. Partly because of fashion and partly because of convienence (my phone is usually in my bag).

    Mostly because of fashion. I have a tatt on my right forearm and my left arm feels nekkid w/o something on it (and I'm over bracelets...for now).

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