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    Any of the elite NPCScan mobs that pop in Panderia. I solo them with my mage, some tougher than others. But those fights are very satisfying.

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    When Marrowgar, the first time we killed him on 25 Man, dropped Bryntoll and I won it.

    Consider at the time I was finally learning to play my class, finally being invited to officially raid, and was always undergeared.
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    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivalen View Post
    Any of the elite NPCScan mobs that pop in Panderia. I solo them with my mage, some tougher than others. But those fights are very satisfying.
    Sis is enjoying them. Says all that training in kiting is helping a lot. Think she's prowling for them now too, as I know she's upto something when I hear the mage like clicking 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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    C'thun in AQ40.

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    Some douchebag shaman in Astranaar, who managed to terrorize the town for almost a week. PVE realm btw..
    And he was always there when I was questing on an alt, with very little time on hands to worry about it.
    Until one day, I was to turn some quests in, my NPC was dead, but the shaman was there, of course.
    That day I did have time, and smoked his ass with my hunter, camping his sorry ass for two hours straight.
    Til today I can't figure out, why he didn't give up at all. Two hours, until he finally had enough? lol

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    I gotta say that during vanilla wow, killing Ragnaros and Nefarian for the first time felt really good. Took Many weeks of preparation and training to kill them back in the day.

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    Mine is actually an arena kill. Was me as a DK and my Warrior friend, we went up against two Gladiator rogues. Warrior and one rogue went down. Other rogue left on 80k, me left on 100k life. He vanished and kited me for a while with recuperate to get his health back up, re-opened on me two or three times to stall until he got his cooldowns back. He then tried to re-open with all his cooldowns but luckily I got shadowsight and smashed his face with a big Obliterate

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    Any first kill in vanilla. Had server first Nef and we felt like we pulled the biggest stone up a hill. Was such an awesome party afterwards. (40 naked alliance in goldshire tavern). Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh those memories. Dunno how many weeks we have wiped on this fucker just to be lucky with a suitable color combo in p1!!!!!

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    Moroes.... because we fully expected to wipe (We were under geared, and generally players still had no idea on their class) then we one shotted him. Was amusing

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    would have to be the tiger boss in old zg. we were a big pvp guild back when we played WoW, we had the first 2 realm first hwl's and overall i think we had about 5 or 6 before the old honor system was wiped. we didnt do a lot of pve outside of 45 mins baron runs, and UBRS. when the aq gates opened we decided we would take a break from our pvp schedule and try our hand out in some pve.

    we started with ZG and basically only ever went there on friday nights after we cleared the pvp queues out. the first couple weeks we did pretty well and then we got stuck on the tiger boss. man this dude gave us fits. id say we threw ourselves at this boss for a good 3-4 weeks before we finally got him down. keep in mind we were all wearing pvp gear.

    the 2nd best would have to be a tie between the wasp boss in AQ20 and hakkar. we spent a good 2-3 weeks on both bosses, the hakkar kill was satisfying due to how much time (and how enjoyable it was) we had spent in the entire place.

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    Sinestra damn what a fight

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    PVP would be when the Guild Master's Best Friend challenged me to a dual. He didn't like me and he thought he would steamroll me. Instead he was the one to die. In game I just said "Good dual" for the betterment of the guild. Outside the game I was fist pumping and I can't repeat what I was saying.

    PVE Raiding - Flame Leviathan with 4 towers - I never considered myself a hardcore raider so for me it was fun just to attempt this. As it turned out we beat it with 8 players left alive and I was one of them.

    PVE Group - Doing a 5 man group quest in SMV and was dpsing slowly. Somehow I aggroed the boss and hit evasion which at the time basically made me immune for 15 seconds. I waited patiently waited for the tank to taunt the boss but as evasion was about wear off I realized he wasn't going to. So, I decided to blow all CD's and try to do as much dps as possible. The healer was amazing as he kept me alive during the fight. At 10% health I realized I was going to survive so I started to laugh. Rogue tanking ftw.

    PVE Solo - There was an elite in Desolance that kicked my butt repeatably. I finally left and finished up all the quests in the zone. On the way out of the zone I decided to give it one more shot and yep he fell down and went boom. Woot.

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    Putricide 25m heroic. That fight was my first progression heroic kill. I joined a guild that already had the previous bosses on farm. Unfortunately, every boss after that was pretty much the same thing from dps perspective and wasn't really that exciting.

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    At work today and I found myself daydreaming at my desk. I've been away from wow for a couple of months now while the wife and I prepare for our little boy to arrive ....
    Get a sling and headphones. You can play warcraft while rocking a baby back to sleep. If you wife joins the majority and becomes a controlling mother, you'll have even more free time. Just never put the game ahead of them (i.e. no long raids).

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    I think it must have been in Burning Crusade or Vanilla, rest is just meh.

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    Yogg 25 with 1 keeper missing. I know it's not the most prestigious thing, but we got that legendary mace and we all worked to get it done. Good feeling when we did it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    40 man Ragnaros.

    Some of the first times I fought the rare world spawns solo in Pandaria.
    There was a female pandaren rarespawn in dreadwastes and there was probably about 100 skeletons around her lol. I decided to attack her and got my ass handed to me 3 - 4 times until I got a whisper from some draenei calling me a loser for trying and how pathetic I was and she was impossible to kill by a melee(I was monk). I killed her the 5th time and he had me on ignore by the time I responded lol. I think that was my most rewarding kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagan View Post
    All of the Vanilla/BC bosses were amazingly designed, but they weren't nearly as rewarding to me as the Yogg0/HLK kills to me for some reason, and I'm a top50 tier raider, so I've seen it all when it was at the uptick of progression raiding. Although, now that I think about it, my world 3rd C'thun kill was frakkin amazing too, anyone remember farming for greater nature prot pots?
    This. I think one of my moments was definitely C'Thun. The amount of farming/wiping/running/shitting on AQ 40 for weeks just to watch that last 1% SLOWLY go away.. That was great.. Our guild actually just stopped raiding after that, to us we were burned out. Honestly I can say that I have never been more burned out trying to kill a boss than C'thun. Kael and Vashj come close and maybe Muru/entropius just for the sheer head smashing into the desk it caused... Killing after the nerf was bittersweet. Nice to kill but it was nerfed Maybe 25 LK was good too just because WotLK didnt have a nice long good fight like that since Yogg and killing bosses just seemed too easy and not enough work like I was use to in TBC

    Edit: Oh and definitely that moment when I was doing 3s in S3 and got 2k rating running RMP and my priest and rogue died and we were against a LDW.. somehow killed both the druid and the lock.. I definitely remember me getting so freakin nervous and adrenaline going.. oh man
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    Nothing will ever compare to the sense of accomplishment when finally downing Twin Emps after weeks of attempts.

    Was first Alliance Guild on my Realm to down them too :P (Horde were always better >_<)

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    Probably Kael in TBC. We got Vashj fairly easily then worked for a ridiculously long time on him, and ended up getting the kill right before they announced that they were removing the Vials of Eternity quest requirements from Black Temple and Hyjal... Still felt good to kill him with only t4-t5 though.

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