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    Mine was a two-target kill, in 1 night.

    Level 80, March 15th of 2010.
    Kill High Priest Thekal in ZG, Swift Zulian Tiger.
    Also, got enough Bijous and Coins to get Exalted with the Zandalari Tribe.

    Later that same night (or rather right after I finished my mount run in ZG)
    Ragnaros drops the Eye of Sulfuras, allowing me to complete Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros.

    Best. Night. Ever.
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    Many players expect to be wow'd with every release of a beloved franchise.
    These are generally NOT the fault of the developers, but the fault of many players over-hyping and/or setting expectations too high.

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    Doomwalker in WotLK. When I solo'd him first time and he dropped 500 gold - that was really rewarding. So I started to farm him each respawn and my server never saw Doomwalker again until gold drops from him were nerfed.

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    its between:

    1) our first illidan kill when i was still progression raiding... was going fine right until the end when a tank died and illidan started killing everyone off, i was the last raid member alive spamming wrath as a resto druid and he fell dead at my feet just as he was swinging his glaive down to kill me . . .

    2) bloodboil, week in week out i anhilated the healing meters just by tank healing on this fight, rolling lifebloom and rejuve on all 3 tanks, nice to have a set "rotation" for healing, and as i said, wiped the floor on the healing meters =D

    3) kalecgos - pretty complex fight (for its time anyway) was good to finally get it down - shortly before guild took our summer holiday and then fell apart =(

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    Heroic Rag in FL, kiting meteors and standing in the patch in the right formation while clearing dreadflame, felt pretty epic!

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    Best PvP kill wasn't even on my PvP character, back in TBC at level 68 on my tank spec warrior a 70 Hunter tried to kill me. Slick timing of Charges, Shockwave and Cooldowns allowed me to kill him. Was a long fight, especially for World PvP and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

    Best PvE kill must have been Malygos 25 guild first and server second. Azure Drake dropped and I won with 98.
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    Yogg Zero and Heroic LK within my entire history of raiding however Algalon can come close but not close enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freakyduck View Post
    Every FL - Ragnaros kill that DIDN'T drop the new Sulfuras....which was everyone that our guild did.....about 12-15 kills.

    I'll only ever have the legendary version from MC that i farmed on my DK.
    Ugh I feel your pain. That's me too. Still have yet to see it drop on any toon.

    On topic: Probably my 25LK kill back in wrath. That was my first end boss kill as a real raider and it felt pretty darn good. Another good one was getting heroic spine 6 minutes ahead of the guild behind us
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    Oh, PVP twinks. I thought this was about Anduin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tradewind View Post
    I am so triggered right now.

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    A kobold. I really REALLY wanted his candle, however he said i couldn't take it. So i killed him.

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    Probably when I killed a Healer in AB on my Rogue whilst -extremely- drunk.

    That's not the best part though - I chain CCd his Rogue friend for the full duration perfectly (approx 30sec, yeah it took me that long to kill a healer whilst drunk). I can't do that sober, so how the fuck I did it is beyond me.

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    Herald of the titans run although it was during data still fun to do and wasn't a free kill

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    For my most satisfying kill I am torn between H25 Mimiron or H25 Yogg 0. My most rewarding kill was KT during a go at the immortal achievement, most epic title ever and my first raider meta; not the toughest but hey I said rewarding. Good memories.
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    Absolutely my guild's LK kill-- I was sick with bronchitis, and stayed up late to help push the last few attempts. Was a great feeling getting it down, and we got it on video.

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    Well once upon a time a Boomkin fucked with Gandrake


    He was being a douchebag and moonfire spamming me to death by deactivating and reactivating flight form before I bought my super flying. So I silenced him with Heroic Throw and he fell to his death.

    This kill has brought many a lulz. I am laughing about it now. I will never live down not frapsing it.

    But PvE has never really been memorable for me, as much as I enjoy it.
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    Toss up between two kills, first would probably be our Ragnaros kill in Vanilla, while I wasn't there to witness the kill I did spend a large amount of time leading up to that point farming Dark Iron Ore for the tanks Fire Resist gear and aiding in getting consumables for that night was probably more rewarding than any other fight I aided in.

    The second would be killing a rogue with Ret Aura in Vanilla, we both almost died and the rogue went to Gouge me so they could run off and heal but ended up dieing by the aura.

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    MogIt probably.
    Killing KT for the Undying title. I'd use my holy mightstone for that too.

    My old guild's first Yogg-Saron kill was amazing. Also back in vanilla when we killed Vael for the first time and pre-PRE-nerfed General Vez in AQ20. Good times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by panterarules View Post
    A kobold. I really REALLY wanted his candle, however he said i couldn't take it. So i killed him.
    This cracked me up XD

    for pve it's Chromaggus in blackwing lair for me. We spent so many hours trying to kill him, and it was the first boss i tried for that long time. I was so happy when we finally got him down, and he even dropped the Claw of Chromaggus, which i won, having more saved my DKP for that day.
    64 spellpower!!

    For pvp it was bak in tBC with a disc priest, running from one flag to the middle in arathi basin, and being jumped by 5 wellgeared people, and killing them, through a very long fight, that just felt awesome when they died, and we both was standing ;D

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    Illidan, Black Temple

    got horde first kill, won t6 chest .. got tons of random whispers from people I didn't know congratulating me.

    was the best guild I have ever been in.. we went from forming to killing Illidan within a month.. beating the top guild by 1 day (killed lady vashj with greens on)

    it was all planned and we pulled it off.. top guild was stuck on ROS when we formed.

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    Heroic Sindragosa 25, pre-nerf.

    It was even more rewarding than the LK kill, to be honest.

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    Chromaggus back at 60 with the best guild ever, good times. We got server first, or was it first horde.. probably first horde. Snatched it from the leading horde guild, sure as hell was a nice fight back at 60, very hectic, took some planning and luck. And getting that kill after so much work was so damn awesome.

    All my best moments are from classic really, not surprising. As that was when I was truly into raiding, had a great guild and everything was perfect. Ever since nothing could compare. So I just quit raiding, other than LFR. Now I am simply content with "seeing the content", being casual is a lot less stressful. Although, not as exciting.

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    Heroic LK.

    Guild I was in at the time wasn't super hardcore or anything, infact we struggled to get a full raid of 25 people sometimes. We wiped over 300 times to this fight, almost always to the Valkyr phase. On our kill, we killed it the first time we had ever gotten to the final phase. Everyone put their game faces on and super focused like hell, it was such an epic moment and our GM gave a special speech at the end. We managed to 1 shot it in the last 12 weeks leading to Cataclysm. This lead to a beautiful start in Cataclysm, since we had around a world 400~ rank (ye that was pretty good back then :P), we had lots of fresh applicants and we had a solid roster of 35~ people, proceeded to get some pretty decent rankings and also managed to get realm first heroic al'akir, sinestra and nefarian. Probably my best time in wow.

    Ragnaros 25hc

    Had a solid start in Firelands, got world 31st heroic Beth'tilac (before they fixed the spiderlings). We had a very strong world rank until we hit Baleroc. This guy was a brick wall for us, it took us quite literally a month to kill it. We had a lot of people leave because they were disappointed with progress etc. So Rag / Majordomo was the same deal as LK, we had tries with 22-24 people some nights, we killed majordomo the same night as baleroc though so people were pretty pumped for Rag. We had about 100~ pulls before he got nerfed, saw pre-nerf leg phase once, after that we had finally recruited another tank so we didn't have to use an offspec dps warrior (who, at the time was our best dpser). Proceeded to 2 shot the fight with only one death. Felt so good to down this boss, was truly as epic as LK imo. Also celebrated killing it by eating a big bag of chilli doritos
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