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    heroic LDW and would have been heroic LK but we allways wiped between 11-15%

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    Killing a paladin at any time, any place, any level.

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    my first lk kill. it gave me closure to warcraft 3.

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    Kel'Thuzad in 25 Naxx to get the immortal title and black protodrake. Was my favorite moment in WoW.

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    When we were doing I think ICC 10 Singradosa back when it was sort of relevant we screwed up on the ice tombs somehow and the only people left were our hunter and warlock. The hunter screwed up his feign and he went down leaving our destro lock with his imp up by himself. Sindragosa was legit at like 0.01% health but we were guaranteed to wipe since the lock was freaking out and about to die (he wasn't all that smart). Then the imps firebolt hit her as soon as she whacked the lock and killed him in one hit. It was pretty hilarious to think that she was downed by that little imp.

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    End of Wrath, Ele Shaman.

    Thunderstorm a Priest off of LM, he Levitates, I purge. Fucking hilarious. I think I laughed the entire rest of the BG.

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    Few memorable ones for me.

    BC: pre 3.0 Vashj, server first HKM/Gruul, Benediction and hunter questlines which weren't a pushover even an xpac later. Couple Naxx kills before they took it out.
    Wrath: Yogg kill, one of the first on server. Way behind most other servers but we got a late start and worked hard at it. Server first HM Vezax, for what little that's worth.
    Cata: None, nothing was worth raiding in Cata.

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    Most Rewarding non-solo kill: First Lich King kill. In vanilla I mainly got carried, in BC my guild usually had to have a couple of friends from better-progressed (and better geared) guilds help us with end-boss takedowns. In Wrath, we got Arthas down, missed server first by a week or so, but we didn't care. We earned that kill, and it was beautiful.

    Most rewarding solo kill? Azuregos, on my hunter, at 70. Damn that was a pain, lol. But it was sooo worth it.

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    In vanilla beta, a big quest dog that was in thousand needless. I was a rogue, had been grinding and questing some and it was time to put this big mean dog in the cage in northern thousand needless down. Sadly, the thing could tear my rogue, who was probably a bit underleveled too, into pieces in short order. No worries, a warrior guildmate, a couple of levels above me obliged to help me with this group quest. Now, I think the group quest was for 3 people, we were a rogue and a warrior, no healing, except for first aid (and maybe a healing pot). For this, we had to make full use of our health first and foremost and then our damage. So we made a plan for me to attack it first and take immidiate aggro with ambush (was specced into sublety), when I was low on hp, the warrior would aggro, I would first aid after while he was attacking and I would join in (I think the plan was, anyways). When we started the fight, the beast hit hard and viciously, more so than I thought, I ambushed, the warrior took aggro and I healed and the fight was getting close both on his health and the beast's health (I think he had to health pot), but at the end the beast died and, IIRC, the beast turned to attack me again mid-fight, so that both the warrior and myself was low on hp afterwards.

    Don't know why I remember and cherish this particular mob kill more so than the thousands upon thousands of others, a good deal of them larger and more fearsome mobs. Maybe because it was challenging, the fight actually meant something and it was fun.

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    TK Kael at 70. Felt 10 times more epic than downing Illidan.

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    My most rewarding kill would be C'thun for the server first. We beat a horde team by 20 minutes which would have been 1 attempt. we were in contact with them the whole time over each other's vents. ive never had such a heated race for a server first since then.

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    Back in Wrath, I was dueling in Elwynn when a DK challenged me. I said aloud to my friend ".. I'm gonna get this guy killed by one of those wolves.", and I pointed to one of the level 7 wolves wandering the zone. We duel, I forget all about what I said, and I end up winning.. but just as the duel ends I see a wolf walk near him and aggro and my face lit up as it missed its first attack, but landed the second and killed him. I literally fell out of my chair laughing.

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    Aeonaxx. Back in Cata I had camped him for 5 months straight. I missed him a total of 7 times. 6 of those were because he spawned somewhere else, 1 was due to an afk on my part. The night I actually killed him felt so rewarding. I still smile a little when I think of it, and that was 6 months ago.

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    My first time finally killing Professor hardmode in ICC 10H

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    Twins in AQ. We were for some reason going through AQ pretty fast and every time we had this idea that the next boss would cockblock us. But even the one where you need nature resistance right before the twins just took like an evening.

    And then came the twins, everybody heard that they were tough and all. We 2 shotted them. Everybody was really hyped for kicking ass, bragging "is that it? Come on now!"

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    Was probably Razorgore as we c**kblocked on him for like 3-4 weeks. We used a tactic with 2 warriors kite-tanking the melee-dudes and 4 hunter kiting the dragons... Took a while before all stars aligned and none of the kiters missed anything. Fun part was that we ONESHOT Vael after that first Razor-kill as everyone was pumped to max and just had the self esteem of Gods!

    First C'thun was also decent, just coz he felt 100% impossible on the first tries (not including the standard "peak around the corner...ALL DEAD"-pull).

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    Either Kael'thas or Lady Vashj in TK/SSC. I loved tier 5 in general, but those two fights... Wow.

    Was especially cool for Kael'thas, since we had been wiping to phase 3 near-constantly. Then suddenly, we executed it perfectly, and one-shot phases 4 and 5. Was amazing.

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    Probably for me would be that final Arcane shot on Thrall in TBC when I was running 2 full Alliance raids via Vent, reason we needed 2 raids was because the horde didn't want us to kill Thrall, after we had demolished all their other leaders no problem. We were killing horde and boss at same time, Thrall was at like 1% health and our warrior tank died because a warlock kept fearing healers >.> but I kept yelling at the melee to focus on horde while ranged (mostly hunters) kited thrall around as much as possible (while not being turned into toads by the troll) I remember that last Arcane shot and hearing my head set burst into cheers as we all felt awesome for having beaten the horde...then we all got roflstomped by the top horde pvp guild of the server coming into thralls chambers O.o
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    1. Illidan
    2. Kil'Jaeden
    3. Kael'Thas

    Honorable mention to Reliquary of Souls

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    Yogg +0 10man.

    Maybe not the most pretigious, but we worked hard for that one, arrgh those green clouds, why can you not avoid them! and the sanity mechanic without Freya is enough to drive you insane!

    That or Mimi-hardmode.
    No game will ever kill wow. Though Blizard themselves are making a pretty damm good attempt lately.


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