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    Killing Illidan, stepping into Sunwell and making the hardcore guilds on my server sweat as a semi-hardcore guild was pretty damn epic.

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    Server first (top 25 U.S.) pre-nerf M'uru kill.
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    The whale shark in Vashj'ir. Didn't think we could do it and it took ages but my wife and I finally killed it, basically kiting it on my spriest for 20 mins as she tried to watch her agro on her warrior (although she did pull a couple times and died but was back in time for the final kill).

    Later was able to solo it on my elemental shaman but the first time is always the best. Funny thing is you only get an achievement but it was still awesome.

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    c'thun. dems the days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zagan View Post
    All of the Vanilla/BC bosses were amazingly designed, but they weren't nearly as rewarding to me as the Yogg0/HLK kills to me for some reason, and I'm a top50 tier raider, so I've seen it all when it was at the uptick of progression raiding. Although, now that I think about it, my world 3rd C'thun kill was frakkin amazing too, anyone remember farming for greater nature prot pots?

    I do and i was playing a Resto druid back then. o the pain and Agony ..... killing mobs was like taking forever... *sigh* good old days

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    Lady Vashj in Serpentshrine Cavern, April 2008. I had co-founded a new guild on Akama made up of folks who, for whatever reason, couldn't get in to the harder-core guilds on the server. Killing Vashj within a few months of founding was an accomplishment, killing her when we no longer NEEDED to due to the removal of Tier 6 gating was a statement. We were treated with much more respect after that kill.

    Close second - achieving The Immortal in Naxxramas in February 2009. Craziest, most tense raid I have ever done, and the relief when Kel'thuzad died and the achievement popped up was cathartic…

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    killed acrono in arena once

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    My most rewarding was probably the first time I downed alagon (sp?) the observer in ulduar. It's not that it was particularly rough but I had done some of ulduar, and then i raided ToC as my first raid ever so when I first did ulduar through in full and did hard modes and unlocked him it was amazing. The room was so breathtaking, the intro was so epic. And we spent 50+ minutes wiping and on our last attempt we killed it with 1 minute left on the clock. It was amazing. I was so happy. And until I got firelord i rocked starcaller.
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    It wasn't my first kill, but i'd spent months organising a Herald of the Titans run in guild. Had to replace people, and others weren't gearing up even though I was running Ulduar weekly on my Death Knight for those who needed it. Felt like it was never going to happen, so killing him and getting the achievement popup felt amazing.

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    Kiting a world boss halfway across the world and making Bolvar and all the guards in his room do it for me.

    Most rewarding actual kill? easily my first raiding guilds first Ragnaros kill back in Molten Core. It took quite some time to down him, and vent exploded in 40 people screaming. Weeks of effort finally rewarded. Nobody really cared about loot back then.

    Most guild firsts for me nowadays are relatively identical.
    Final boss dies.
    Absolute silence.
    Everyone stands in place.
    Guild leader links gear.
    half the raid leaves because they can't use it and the night is over.
    A few people get some items.
    repeat next week.

    So much enthusiasm.
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    Raggy on heroic

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    Heroic 25 man trial of the grand crusader the faction champions, my guild had spent 2 or 3 weeks getting wasted by them and the first kill on it took 25 mins plus, almost wiped completely once but managed to rez enough people to continue grinding down and then rez some more nearer the end.

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    Two kills come to mind:

    One was the first heroic nef kill. It was so epic our GM actually wrote about it in an article on wowinsider. I was the mage who popped the 'just in time circle of frost' which kept the adds off us (add tank died at the end) long enough to get the kill.

    The literally most directly rewarding kill was when the guild was trying to hit level 25. We were at level 24.9 or something and decided to go run a bunch of 2v2 arena matches because they generated a hefty amount of guild XP. GM offered up some gold to the team who put us over the top. (I forget how much, like 5k each maybe.) I'm an unexceptional PVPer, but those poor SOBs in that arena match that day never knew what hit them. We got the kills, the win, and guild level, and the gold. Good times.

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    Hmm.... Easy, Cata arena, 2v2. My partner died (They popped all CD's and he hardly had resi), so I proceeded to fight, first bringing a warr from 40% down to death, and then chasing a hunter for 10 mins before I killed him. All this as a Holy Paladin.
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    My first ICC clear was also epic feeling. I miss when the game had that feel. It used to be about seeing the content for me, and that was the push to be and play better. Now it's just to be better than the other guy of my class in the raid. Seeing content doesn't feel as epic anymore. God I wish I played seriously and raided during ulduar.
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    Vashj or Kael back in TBC.

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    Rag, after weeks of wiping on him.

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    Thunderstorm, everytime.

    No but seriously probably lich king, id spent a long time building up to killing arthas.
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    Tanking Ulduar when it was current. I was in japan playing on a US server with a ton of lag and DCs. I was off tanking Razorscale and i got Dc'ed from pull to right as the MT died, solo tanked her from 11% to dead, then got DC'ed again.


    AB, very early WOTLK
    Only person holding BS watching the alliance zerg crush Farm. Some silly rogue attempts to do damage to me (lol). I kill him with full hp and Runic power just as the zerg reaches the bridge. I pop Dancing rune Weapon (Me plus weapon = 2), Summon a Ghoul (3) which causes DRW to summon one (4), pop army (12), DRW does the same (20). The zerg stops and stares at me before some unlucky hunter fires. My army kills about 4 of them (hunter got globaled by 18 ghouls) before they faded and i took down another 2 before i died.

    I held them long enough for the Horde zerg to cap mine, recap farm and flank them


    During early WOTLK killing a level 80 DK with his 2 level 69 buddies when they attemped to jump me (80 DK), and 2 friends (level 67 Druid and level 80 warlock - naked and with rez sickness).

    We were working on the halaa tokens in nagrand by having the lock kill herself with hellfire at the halaa graveyard and taking the rez sickness so we can pump out 160ish tokens for both halaa mounts. When this trick worked you had to be flagged for PVP. I spotted the 2 lowbie DK hovering above us, and choose to ignore them, telling my buds that "they wont dare attack us with some serious help".

    Bam! level 80 dk shows up and all 3 destory the druid. lock fears and starts some casts but gets locked down by the 80 before he kills her. Druid and lock respawns and killed at the hands of the 80. I sic my ghoul on one of the 67s while I Global the other Dk. Now its one on one.

    We both Drop Death and Decay, My ghoul stuns him (I miss when it was a 30 sec CD) while i unload. He summons his and repeats my first move. I use chain of ice, back up and blow all my healing CDs to get back to full (I had my Leveling/solo spec which was Unholy until i got the ghoul and then Blood). We go at it again. dropping DandD, using AMS and self healing. I chain him again and Pop Army, he Death grips me before i could finish the cast but i had already summoned more than enough. We both stack our ghouls and continue to destory each other. His DandD kills off my last ghoul as He gets low, chains me and runs off, i Death grip him back. he chains me again, backs up and summons army. NOPE, strangulate. Game over. I watch him drop dead.

    All three rez about 10 minutes later with no PVP flag. they bow before me and leave .
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