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    Back in the original Zul gurub one of our Druid healers went moonkin as it was the new thing at the time. He was playing with skull piles and got mind controlled. Never in our guild's history, then or since, has everyone perfectly fixated on something attackable and obliterated it. I still get a smile thinking about how fast poor Vega got lit up by the rest of the raid, and fell over dead. Good times!

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    Some restoration shaman back in Cataclysm, during a Warsong battleground. The only reason why it felt so satisfying was because the bloody dwarf was everywhere where there was a critical situation, which is not usual for your average PuG, and two-manning Sartharion with 3 drakes in 25 man with a friend of mine, at level 85 (with MoP systems). Perhaps not a huge accomplishment, but for us, it certainly was.
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    Time-Lost Proto-Drake. If we're talking raids, that's a harder one. People will probably wonder why, but I'm gonna go ahead and say Nefarian in Blackwing Descent. Sure past bosses like Lich King and Hakkar were cool, but Nefarian just had something about him. I guess it was because I felt absolute joy from downing this old classical boss. It was really looking like Cataclysm was turning out to be Vanilla 2.0, which was what I dreamt of. Too bad it turned out otherwise.

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    Magmaw normal mode pug.

    I'd already killed it a few times with my guild but one week I pugged it. It took a long time, maybe two hours, but the people were awesome and really enthused and happy to down it, no elitist whiners leaving after 2 or 3 wipes or arguing. As a bonus I got a weapon drop from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krit View Post
    At work today and I found myself daydreaming at my desk. I've been away from wow for a couple of months now while the wife and I prepare for our little boy to arrive so I am living vicariously through the forums lol. Anyways. I got to thinking back to the night when my guild first killed HM PP back in ICC25. It was such an amazing night, and after what seemed like a thousand wipes and a noticeable dent in my desk via forehead, we executed flawlessly and got our kill. It is still my most memorable and rewarding kill in WoW. So I wonder. What is everyone else's? What kill was your most rewarding and you still think about?
    First Ragnaros normal.
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    This was back when BC was the main expac.

    I was playing my druid as feral (alliance) and I got to the quest where you have to cleanse the Pools of Aggonar. The level 63 mob, Aggonis, spawned and I was 59. So, naturally, I bobbed my pants but went for it, was poised to shift out to cat form to heal at any moment, but just as I had 100ish health left, I got him! I felt so happy to have got him I think I actually cheered

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    Most Recent: Killing will of the Emperor in LFR, while helping out few guildies who wanted to run it for the first time. I already did my "Boss drop" lockout. But since you can run LFR as many times as you like, and use your Lucky Charm coins after you looted the boss already, I got the Bow off the random roll on the coin! Man I was so happy, especially while using the coin, 80% of the time you get the damn gold! >< Also many in the plenty of years played.

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    15% h lk, and pre-nerf spine were the most rewarding for me.

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    Tie between being the only one up after Putricide on our first kill, and 8manning Lich King for our first kill, on last pull of the week.

    Close second (third?) beating BM/BM in 2s the other day as FrostDK/Spriest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rixis View Post
    Orthas Bloodbane (or something like that) under ICC was a lot easier if you kited him round the circle.
    My problem wasn't kiting him, it was the DPS. Back then a Holy was doing max DPS around 600. Would run out of mana and his health would still be at 50%. No mana (and if you tried to melee for mana he'll hit like a truck), so dead.

    Made sure to keep that quest in my log to come back to it, and in Cata with more DPS, I finally downed him. He was rough.
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    either killin rag hc prenerf (oh the joy of geisers ) this time last year for realm 2nd, mainly because of the time and effort we all put in (200 odd attempts i think in the end) and cos it was an awesome fight and i had lots of friends in the guild ........... different story now tho, theyve all fucked off from wow and so have i ;p but still an epic moment !!
    or either yogg or algalon, purely cos ulduar was fukkin awesome

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    Vanilla Ragnaros, Molten core and the Twin Emperors in Ahn'qiraj

    Rag we had been at it for a couple months. Twin Emperors was the height of vanilla competition on my server, I was leading one of the top guilds and our rival, e-peen stroking guild was working on the emps at the same time. Our raid times were similar so we'd be in the instance at the same time. I'll never forget them jeering at us, talking SO much trash and my guild just pushing harder because of it. Then that moment of realization that "Oh, shit, we're gonna do it. If everything holds as it is, we got this!'. Longest 20% of my life.

    The Emps finally dropped and my vent exploded. The chills....I has them just thinking about it.
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    without question, yogg+0.
    i really dont need to explain why.

    honorable mentions are anubarak HM going for the perfection achievement, we almost fucking had it until someone fucked up on the last part.

    another is hardmode jaraxxus. i was playing ele shaman at the time and my guild had this whole group stacking strat for the fire, it honestly made no sense and it was clearly catered toward the idiots in our raid group. while we were doing regular jaraxxus my raid leaders noticed that i had the most dispels and interupts out of everyone, so when the time came for hardmode, i spent my entire time standing wherever the fuck i pleased, ignoring their strat, and spamming purge and windshear like a boss. ill never forget our 3 arcane mages raging about me purging too quickly for them to spellsteal. raid leader basically told them to shut the fuck up and spellsteal faster or find a pillow to cry on.

    my first lich king kill was great too, but it was the beginning of the end for me with warcraft, so yogg still remains my favorite.

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    I can remember a few "last man standing" type fights that were fun but I think my favorite kill was ICC25 HM Festergut. Assigning specific people to the outside and then dancing back and forth between the bosses legs with the rest of the raid while the main tank called out "left" or "right" leg all whilst trying to avoid all of the stuff flying at us was fun.

    Of course, I never raided old Naxx, only new Naxx and I can remember when we finally got the Safety Dance achievement and someone started playing the song in vent. :P That was fun too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ag666 View Post
    Hogger, solo
    Curses! You stole my idea.

    OT: Ummm... I can't say I have rewarding kills more than rewarding raids. I was super happy when we finally cleared Ulduar in one night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimtide View Post
    Magmaw normal mode pug.

    I'd already killed it a few times with my guild but one week I pugged it. It took a long time, maybe two hours, but the people were awesome and really enthused and happy to down it, no elitist whiners leaving after 2 or 3 wipes or arguing. As a bonus I got a weapon drop from it.
    Similiarly, I'll say Firelands Rag (normal). It was a fresh run pug that had a few wipes along the way, but not too bad. Prior to joining this, I had only seen 1 or 2 FL bosses, but this run did get through them all without too much hassle (1 or 2 wipes along the way maybe). When we got to Rag, there were several wipes and the usual exodus of babies, which of course delayed things. And more wipes. And more replacements. After a while, there were only about 4 people who were still in the group from the start including myself, the raid leader, and a few of his guildies, and I simply was not going to leave until the leader called it, or the boss went down. Everyone was tired, but determined.

    I think the whole raid probably lasted about 6 hours, and when we finally downed Rag, folks simply went nuts on vent, including myself. First and last time I ever got to that boss

    Second on the list was a guild Mimiron kill, which was my first raid boss kill outside of the Wintergrasp VA ones.
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    Did u kill the rogue in Catacylsm? because with recup he should have lived forever.

    Warrior kiting like being at 10% hp spell reflecting an execute(shadow word death) and charging a rogues shadowstep, blade stormed his vanish and disarmed his shadow dance. Deathing blinds pre mass dispelling bubbles and stuff.

    I don't pve that much so, I don't really have a story for that lol.
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    I've only raided since ICC, but I've had some fun kills since then. LK was cool, but my guild had already killed him a few times before I started raiding, so that wasn't as exciting as it might have been. I would have to say for me, it would be 1 of 3 bosses.

    1 - Our first Nefarian kill in BWD. That end of that fight was some of the most intense healing I'd ever done to that point, even considering we had already started doing Heroic Halfus which any healer will tell you is a giant cluster*&#$ of damage for the first few minutes.

    2 - Our first Ragnaros kill in FL. Just the way that night went. We'd spent a few attempts on him the previous week with only a little progression. Somehow though, on night 2, everything clicked and we had an incredibly smooth kill, even considering our shaman walked off the edge of the platform while trying to kite a boulder and dodge flame waves at 15%.

    3 - Our kill of heroic Beth'tilac. Hands down the most surprising kill I've ever been in on. We spent most of the night working on heroic Baleroc. Killed him about 30 minutes before the end of raid and decided, hell, why not go see what Beth is like. She was our last heroic boss before rag, mostly because we'd heard she was the most difficult heroic boss other than rag himself. We go in thinking we just want to see the fight and get a feel for the new mechanics. We end up 1-shotting it, laregly because when she hit her enrage timer, our frost dk pulled one of the most epic moves I've ever seen by hitting her nitro boosts, taunting the boss and kiting her, giving us those precious extra seconds we needed to finish the boss.

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    Well, I started playing WoW around the start of cata. So I don't have that many stories. Still, there are two memorable moments.

    First, Spine HC at 10% I believe. My first serious raiding expeirences and well, you gotta agree Spine was kind of the pinaccle of DS. I guess you can imagine why I chose this kill to begin with^^.

    The second most rewarding kill was right about some weeks (more like 2-3 weeks) ago. I dropped raiding after clearing normal MV and realizing what kind of mixture of incompetent players and douches my new guild was. I tried starting to do arenas with a rl friend who only plays WoW casually nowadays (and he only PvPs, he was at 2.2k at some point in cata, but he said that if he and his team REALLY tried they could've gotten above that). I haven't done ANY serious PvP other than capping conquest at 1400-1500 rating in cata. And now 2s as disc/ele (I'm the ele), just for the conquest...

    Anyways, we had the second match against an ele/ele team, we lost the first one. I bursted one ele down while they cced my mate a little and killed me. 1v1 - my disc mate against an ele. He was fairly sure he could beat him. I told him he wasn't able to, even if he played perfectly. Obviously, he wasn't (he also just dinged 90 some days before this, so the gear difference played a little role aswell). So he started kiting the enemy ele. They both were pretty close to rezzing their respective teammates at some points, but after 20 minutes, the enemy got impatient and blew all his cds. My mate barely survived. The enemy started rezzing his mate. I told my firend to fcking rezz me too, since I was certain to easily beat them with one of them having his cds on... well, cd. He rezzed me, I blew one of them apart and even interrupted the other one from hexing me, which was quite an accomplishment for me since I'm hopelessly overwhelmed with such things (focus target interrupting/ccing - not used to having that many hotkeys...). So basically, we won my first ~25 min arena battle, thanks to me not totally failing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hitmannoob View Post
    Did u kill the rogue in Catacylsm? because with recup he should have lived forever.
    Apparently not, since he was so busy trying to show off his new daggers to notice all that Exo spam widdling down his health to 7k (he couldn't get his crits in and must've been confused beyond reason). When he finally noticed his health and tried to stealth out, bam with the hammer, and Holy Shocked the sucker down.

    Crybaby then must've called his arena partner in (Arcane mage) and he flew in (don't talk to me about flight ruined PvP again!). Took 2 of them to down me. Then when I called my sis in (Arcane mage) they ran like the typical gankers always do.

    He wasn't the first rogue I killed 1v1 and he won't be the last. It's a particular sport for me to kill them, as they're hiding cowards.
    From the #1 Cata review on "Blizzard's greatest misstep was blaming players instead of admitting their mistakes.
    They've convinced half of the population that the other half are unskilled whiners, causing a permanent rift in the community."

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