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    In PvE it was probably actually a 10 man Sindragosa kill of mine. At the time, I was raiding in the 3rd ranked guild on my server, and we raided 25M HM ICC. It was right around the time my guild was progressing on Sindragosa, but for whatever reason, I can't remember, I had to take off raiding that week, or at least our raid nights. I think it was a Monday, and I was trying to get my HM ICC clear out of the way before reset. I started this 10 man PuG that was full of weirdly geared, sub-par raiders. It was basically that classic movie-type "group of misfits" thing going on. Anyway, we make it to Sindragosa, mind you a boss that I'd been wiping on in 25M HM for weeks but still hadn't killed, because I missed the guild kill. Anyway we go at this bitch for like 4 and a half hours and somehow the stars align and we kill her. It was still before the debuff and all that so to get a PuG doing that shit on my server was unheard of. Pretty epic.

    PvP i couldn't even begin to pick just one. I've had so many crazy 1v2's and shit in arena and such. Pretty sweet though.
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    For WoW, probably killing Sinestra, even if it was into FL.

    In general, getting an S-Rank for Mission 17 on Dante Must Die! mode of the original Devil May Cry, all because of Nelo Angelo 3.

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    The first time my guild took down Gruul.

    Doesn't sound like much, but back in the day, we didn't quite have the numbers to form a 25-man raid, so we were doing joint Gruul attempts with another guild. Even then, we banged our heads against the wall over and over and never downed him. We finally got a raid leader who knew his shit and some recruitment happening, and we eventually downed him ourselves in an all guild run. We made tons of progress in other raids from then on, but the first kill on him felt really good. That was our first all-guild 25man major boss kill.

    If you're talking about PvP kills, it would be the time I "ganked" two level 70 gladiator-geared warriors on my level 63 warlock back in BC. They were having a pretty epic duel outside of Shattrath, and it was so close they were both almost dead when it ended. I death coiled one (instant kill), threw dots on the other (he also died), and ran like fuck. I was questing elsewhere about an hour later, and they both dropped from the sky to camp my ass for a while. Was worth it though.

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    My absolute favourite is 25 man hc first kill on Omnitron defense system. Party in vent.

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    Personally my most rewarding kill was on my mage, guilds first kill on heroic gunship in DS. Boss had 250k HP and everyone but me was dead and I finished him off. This was pre nerf.

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    Deathbringer Saurfang!

    The most intense fight I've ever been in and most heart felt when Daddy Saurfang came to take his son home! Really touched me and overall was an epic fight considering the lore behind him.

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    Doing Klaxxi dailies as shadow. This dumb boomkin is following me and harassing me the entire[ time. I keep fighting him back, doing enough damage to scare him away and keep at my dailies. He came close to killing me a few times and succeeded once. Decided I had enough of that bs. I just wanted those dailies done.

    He comes at me right as I kill the mobs I've pulled. Everything is up. Devouring Plage, Vampiric Embrace, instant Mind Blast... everything. The stars have aligned. I switched to him, dots, plague, blast, Mind Spike proc... and he just melts. Sprinting way in kitty form, his health reaches execute range. I refresh SW: Pain in case my executes aren't enough (he has rejuv on). I execute, leaving him with 2% hp. A few seconds of suspense and then that little tick from SW: Pain hits and it finishes him off.

    Eff, it felt so good. He never came back to bother me again. I even continued to see him doing dailies throughout the week and he avoided me, and I never attacked him. Felt good, man. No more delays in dailies.

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    another good one i had was back in vanilla on Vael. Raid is wiping we were so close, just me and another paladin (both holy) popped our bubbles and starting throwing hammers til we downed it. The laughter and cheers over vent were intense.

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    Honestly, most if not all my vanilla kills. I cant quit renember them all, but thoes memeories are to stay.
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    Back in TBC one night when we had to get a different MT for Illidan. Turns out it was my wife who was not very good at the time, at least she thought not. I had confidence. She had been listening to me kill him and explain the fight for a long time, and after the attunement was dropped she would join us on her warrior from time to time. She had built up a nice set of tank and dps gear. I explained the fight down the every step every raid member should take and what to do if something happened. She was so frazzled and nervous, never having main tanked a raid boss let alone Illidan. But she pulled it off like a champ, and made me so proud after that she stopped turning down offers to tank because she knew she could do it then. Talk about trial by fire.

    Another one with my wife. We were doing a 10 man ToC and we were 2 healing it. She had switched to priest heals by this time. About 2/3 ish into it the other healer died, but I didn't tell her because I knew she would panic. After we killed them, I asked her if she knew that she solo healed a good portion of the fight? She of course said no, and I said well you were and it was amazing heals. I dont tell her stuff like that because I know she will freak out and I know she is a lot better than she gave herself credit for.

    I played a mage, so I never had any hard jobs. I guess personally for me it would be. Lady Vash'j was a pain in my ass, felt so good to down her.

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    For me, it was when I was leveling my first character, a warlock, during Burning Crusade. There was this one Alliance mage that was always ganking everyone, and she killed me no telling how many times while I was leveling. After I finally got to max level and geared up, I went and slaughtered her. It was quite vindicating. Ironically, after I slaughtered her and her faction for a few months, and we were each the most hated players on our respective factions by the enemy, we formed an unspoken truce and even helped each other gank our respective factions. We became quite close when she faction changed later on during Wrath.
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    Mine isn't anything special, but it was during the Scourge event before Wrath came out. I was running around Tanaris, and I can't even remember why anymore, but a bunch of the undead spawned from the floating necropolis and I went over to take a look. In amongst them was a rare spawn skeletal soldier. I sent my pet in (hunter) and started beating on it, ended up aggroing a bunch of trash. My pet died and the whole thing came at me, but I managed to down the rare spawn just before they ate my face. I ran back to my body and looted the rare spawn, and lo and behold, I picked up my very first piece of epic gear. Blessed Greaves of Undead Slaying. I was so excited. It feels a little silly now, and I really regret accidentally selling them after picking up an upgrade in Wrath.

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    My most rewarding kill was when I was sitting at 99 999 HKs, waiting to score a kill on the Alliance's biggest PvP guild's leader in Ironforge.
    He was infamous for being accompanied by pocket healers, so I took three fellow rogues and a feral druid with me. As it turned out, his resto druid wife was in moonkin spec at the time... it felt very rewarding all the same.

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    Last night playing 2's as a marks hunter i killed a resto druid with better gear than myself after 40 minutes of fighting 1v1. my partner was all pissy that i wouldn't leave and kept trying to get me to quit first by guilt, then by pretending to afk, and finally by mocking my pride in refusing to lose (however it isn't pride, i just fucking hated that guy).

    40m Rag. the happiest a game has ever made me.

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    I was really happy when I first solo killed Illidan. Took some help to get the council down and the 3 face boss, but soloing the rest was pretty epic seeming.
    Much more so than Archimonde, though that was pretty cool to do too. Lich boss was way harder though from RNG blocks into DnD.

    As far as actual progression raid kills, I think I'd go with heroic 25m Lich King as well. Took a lot of tries, though I think it was more from always having 2-3 people new than actual difficulty.

    Al'Akir was good for laughs, all our kills ended up with just myself and the other tank (me as war, he a dk) being the survivors of the last phase on most of our kills.

    Oh and for PVP currently, every warrior or hunter I kill on my rogue is pretty satisfying. Too bad its usually due to them being terrible, and not due to outplaying them in a fair fight. Since I have difficulty surviving any kind of fair fight. (IMO Legendaries made too many bad rogues 'good' last season... Enjoyed the season prior where it was more setting people up to get killed, than killing them myself. This is kinda back now I guess, but IMO too far. Getting popped out of stealth seems like auto loss in 2s.)
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    My prom date using the Staff of Penetration!

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