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    2v2: Assasination Rogue + Balance Druid viable?

    Before I start farming Honor, I'd like to hear the MMO community feedback on viability of this comp. We're not boss players... so needs to be viable and forgiving If not, can you please recommend a good partner for an assa rogue? Thanks guys.

    ps: Just don't want to play rogue+heal

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    Rogues are lacking almost everything atm.

    The substain DPS is bad, the mobility is a joke and the surviveability is way beyond acceptable.
    As a Rogue you want a partner that can support you in any of these three situations, but a Moonkin can't.

    You cannot help a Rogue to stick on the target nor are you able to pull out the needed substain pressure since you're the only caster class that need to actually cast to do damage.

    Good players might be able to play this setup but i wouldn´t expect to be able to get to 2k+ with it. Especially if you´re facing Warriors and Hunters alot, and you certainly will.

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    If you are just after points it should be fine, If you want rating and to be competitive then Arena Junkies would probably provide you with a more detailed answer.

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    2v2 is incredibly unbalanced at the moment, even more so than normal, and teams with Warriors and BM hunters destroy everything. However, Depending on your rating with good communication you could easily do well but you wont be hitting the top end of the ladder, you just need a bit of teamwork and chain silences / blinds on one target and you should get a kill.

    As far as rogue 2v2 comps go, the best few have always been, Rogue Mage, Rogue Shadow Priest, and Double rogue , although like i said above any 2v2 comp can work if played well, what some comps lack in Survivability / control they make up with Burst

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    I think you could do okay.

    You both start in stealth which is good, and druid/rogue have some great CC.

    Start with a sap on one, follow with a cyclone, and then blind if he trinkets.
    Open with a cheap shot on the other, follow with shiv root, disarm, ursol vortex, etc
    You want to keep him off the druid so he can cast.

    Just blow cooldowns and try to kill one while the other is CCed.

    You've got to get the kill in the first 20-30 seconds from your opener.

    EDIT: I would see if the druid wants to go feral, it would be a lot easier and less frustrating.
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