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    Your favorite raid instance, and most rewarding kill - thread

    Shamelessly taken from the wow general forums, but it posed an interesting and good question, what was your personal favorite raid instance, please suggest both your favorite 10 and 20 man raid instances, respectively.

    Also however, what was your favorite boss of the instance? and do you feel that this boss made it your favorite? gogo! interested in the answers already

    My personal favorite raid for 20 man: Hammerknell fortress, the theme and atmosphere was amazing and claiming the EU first Hammerknell conqueror achievement was just such a great rush, perfect akylios still to this day is my favorite raid boss of all time, (coming from an EQ1 and 2 player)

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    Hammerknell for its looks, its lore, it's size and number of bosses. It is a huge and beautiful instance.

    As for the most rewarding kill, probably Laethys, though if I had been actively raiding when my guild downed Akylios, it might have been that fight.
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    I'd have to say that my favorite instance was Hammerknell. I started raiding in it from launch (lol Murdantix bugs.) I really wish the guild I was in had better leadership and/or recruited more actively to replace individuals that were holding us back. We got stuck on Grugonim for over a week and a half which unfortunately caused some tension and eventually we brought in new players. Made it to 10/11 by November but by then TOR's release date was announced and it was looking rather bleak for Rift. We made it to phase 3 Akylios that November. I bet we could have downed it by mid-December if not at the end if the guild didn't break up to go to TOR (which wasn't a success for them either.)

    My favorite individual fight to date will be Laethys. I've healed it on my Cleric and I've mana/reflect/sheeped on my mage. Prior to the nerfs to Auric, healing it was probably the most rewarding experience. You couldn't derp your shit up and it was great managing mana to the point where I would never ask for a MF from the archon. Any other cleric that's healed it with me was dependent on that Archon (either from spamming heals and not returning it properly or standing in blue shit.) I went from playing 51 Puri to 34/32, to Puricar (aoe heals p2 and beyond were atrocious during progression), to 38/28 and finally Senticar. Then.. nerfs and I just played Shaman instead.

    I might say Akylios but it just wasn't as fun as Laethys was. Akylios was stressful before add-ons and having to avoid wave's while it's coming during breath HOLY CRAP it looks the same as the breath and oh god it's here and I'm knocked off the platform... Those were the worst.
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    Instance: Hammerknell.

    Encounter: Akylios or Laethys.

    Both challenging encounters for a number of in & out of game reasons.

    Wait. I take it back- Infiltrator Johlen, most satisfying win.

    Johlen was when our core raid team finally worked together like a well oiled machine. Popping a bunch of the achievements at the same time as our kill of Johlen with 18 people still alive was like... DA BEST.
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    Instance: Hammerknell
    Encounter: Akylios

    That fight. Need I say more?

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    I assumed that the answers so far would be what id see the most, but i was pleasantly surprised by your answer Fencers, have to say best kill at the beginning of rift was probably greenscale (51 puri for the tank CD anyone?) or definitely herald gaurath on release day.. that fight was a PAIN the first day due to DPS/HPS requirements

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    Johlen isn't particularly hard but sure was rewarding at the time. I remember our vent exploding in cheers & fuckyeabros after more than a few humbling wipes beforehand. Then we one shot Oracle [lolz] and took Hylas down the same night. Next night, Greenscale fell.

    To see:

    Droppin' Bombs
    Head On A Swivel
    Infuriating the Infiltrator

    Flood chat *18 on first kill was also a fuckyeabros moment.

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    Very similar story for us Fencers, we didn't get droppin' bombs but our Johlen kill was at 7:02 and our oracle kill was at 8:02, on the first pull. Hylas took another 2 days due to lack of gear (literally a week into release) and Greenscale took about a week more due to both gear issues and overall performance issues

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    We had the life resist potions and enchants for Hylas ready to go. Out GSB progression was like 2 weeks late on server though. So we sorta knew about fracture or whatever.

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    Sicaron probably my most rewarding kill because that is when i had to pretty much stop raiding progressively with my guild(work schedule change). I havent seen anything in ID yet and havent got a kill on Akylios yet either. But I think i helped my guild progress to 4/9 HK.

    but ya the first time doing Sicaron, i was in the fold to interrupt the buff so i was nervous at the time because i didn't want to be the one that got the raid wiped because i missed the interrupt lol.
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    Instance: Hammerknell.
    Fight: Harbinger Dragon Bro Dude From River of Souls. I wiped on him so many times and wanted that hour achievement for so damn long, suffice to say it was very very much wanted.

    Not Akylios because I was carried to that kill....
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    HK by far. Akylios as well. Greenscale was the first boss in a long time that I felt a sense of accomplishment in the kill. Was a great feeling. Cant wait for SL now!
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    Hammerknell for me. (I took a raid break from ID) We got 8/11 server firsts including Akylios and we were very closely competing with a guild organization named DROW for server firsts at the time. I think my most thrilling kill was Sicaron it was prior to major nerfing he had almost 19mil health the fight was long and if you didn't do it perfect you ran out of area to kite him. We even had to have one person jump off the ramp since we ran out of kite room. To top it off the server first spam gave me the credit for the kill so i got tons of grats tells! Still got it on YouTube
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    Sicaron pre-nerfs was goddamn intense. It was the first time in a long time we had to set up separate vent channels so the raid could communicate effectively.

    I loved it. That's the hook of raiding for me-- cooperation and teamwork.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primalthirst View Post
    Instance: Hammerknell
    Encounter: Akylios

    That fight. Need I say more?
    Mine too by far the most rewarding

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    Instance: Drowned Halls
    Encounter: Thalguur (GP)

    Loved the Thalguur fight. My guild at the time was a 10m-only guild, and that fight, during t1 was tough, but really fun. Love the mechanics of the fight, it was/is very unique and fun!

    Drowned Halls was the first time my guild got to progress in a raid the day it launched, so we were excited as heck to get server 3rd for Isskal. Yeah it was 3rd, not first, but it was still a rush! We stayed up till ~5am the night DH launched to get 3/4, then proceeded to wipe for 3 weeks on the last boss lol....

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    Well, my raiding progression has been 99% T1, as in, did essentially everything in T1 and lack a raid crew for higher progression stuff (And alt hop -way- too much to be able to focus).

    But I'd probably say my most memorable raid was Drowned Halls and Ikkar and the final boss with my guild.

    The 1st fight was fairly simple, with the mechanic of "Run around the whirlpool" and essentially "Stand in the safe rings" but it still was a lot of fun. And the last boss was just fun in that our raid group was pretty meh, and it was just painfully hard (none of us were super well geared, so we had a challenge, and having a challenge like that really was a ton of fun.)

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