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    Can anyone recommend a good wired, laptop-style keyboard?

    I'm looking for a decent wired (USB), laptop-style PC keyboard with no random dealbreaking crap. Seems simple but I absolutely cannot find one locally, so I'm hoping to get a recommendation from you fine folks before buying online.

    By "laptop-style" I mean the thin keyboards with square keys that don't have much travel. I've also heard these referred to as "island" or "chiclet" keys if that helps.

    "Random dealbreaking crap" would include non-standard key layouts, bizarre supposedly-ergonomic angles, bloatware, hot pink backlighting, or branding for the latest dudebro military shooter.

    Also, it should go without saying that I expect a keyboard to be able to handle certain simultaneous keypresses -- say, W-A-shift-space. This is my reasoning for asking on an MMO forum.

    Budget is between zero and infinity (US dollars).

    Any recommendations?

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    Logitech Illuminated Keyboard :

    I used this keyboard as my gaming keyboard for over a year before I replaced it with the Corsair K60, now I use it at work (typing this with it as a matter of fact). It's not really meant to be a gaming keyboard, but it worked fine for me (and should be fine for a few simultaneous key presses).
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    The Apple keyboard is another choice:

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    use these at work when people want chiclet style keyboards

    haven't had issues with them yet
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    Logitech UltraX Flat (OEM) is a good no-bullshit laptop style keyboard. It's cheap and simple, and has a very standard layout. There are a few extra media buttons at the top but they're natively supported by the OS and don't need any drivers.

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