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    (H) Commando - Sylvanas EU

    The guilds is new started so the progress is based from our mains, if you wanna look them up you can check Reffex, Aleniia or Qewt on armory.

    Personal requirements
    Be able to speak up and provide information
    Focused when raiding, no mom and dad problems
    Stable internet/computer, telling us that you lagg when you fail aint acceptable
    85% attendance atleast
    We should be able to understand you when you talk, that means good english

    Character requirements
    Perfect preformance, you should know your class to 100% (I shouldnt have to tell you how to rotate/spec your class/spec
    Perfectly reforged/enchanted/gemmed
    High end content progress, most of us have raided with top people from guilds like Immersion, Nihilum and Ascendance.
    Fail once is alright, but not twice

    Guild Info

    We raid 2-3 times a week (what days are not set)
    High end content and successive progress while raiding
    Raid times will be changed alot, but we try to keep 19-23
    We use Ventrilo/Teamspeak

    For more questions contact Fredî or Sindoria In-Game. Battletag: Henric#2914
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