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    [H] Exécution on Twisting Nether 25man

    Exécution on Twisting Nether is recruting for our 25man roster.
    Atm we have 3/6 MV Heroic and 6/6 HoF normal 4/4 ToES (elite) normal

    We are a scandinavian semi hardcore raiding guild with the roots from vanilla. Many of us have played together since TBC. We are a tight group of people with lots of humor and we like the social part as much as the raiding.

    We are now recruting DPS for our 25man roster. We are looking for dedicated players who know their class and put their focus on PvE and progression. You will need to understand swedish as that is the prime language we are using while raiding.
    Being over 18 years is not a must but we prefer older farts as most of us are in the mid 20s.

    Our raid days are:
    Wednedsday: 18:30 - 22:00
    Monday: 18:30 - 22:00
    Tuesday: 18:30 -22:00
    We leave sunday open as we might want to clear something we are not progressing atm.

    The loot system we use in a loot council, giving the loot to the player most deserving it or benefiting most from it.

    To make an apply go to execution.mmopost.com and read the forums for more instructions, or contact Åskpungen or Kewz ingame.

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    Bump for Mages and Shadow Priests

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    Still looking for some ranged dps and healers.

    Resto Shaman
    Holy Paladin
    Balance Druid
    Elemental Shaman

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    New progress:

    MSV - 6/6
    HoF - 6/6
    ToES - 1/4 (elite)

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    Recently Changed server to Twisting Nether.

    Going on holiday break during Christmas but still recruting.
    MSV - 3/6 HC
    HoF - 6/6
    ToES - 4/4

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