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    Quote Originally Posted by Illitti View Post
    Keyboard and mouse is the only correct choice here.
    Nah, to be honest, keyboards are too large for most single games. There are MANY more keys than are necessary/useful for WoW, let alone a FPS. That, and I never hear carpal tunnel associated with video game controllers, and "keyboard and mouse" is too vague. There are MANY basic ones that are uncomfortable (or, at least, not ideally comfortable) for use. I know you're joking and all, but they're really not perfect peripherals when it comes to comfort, but the precision and versatility make them great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krethos View Post
    As a Teenager, PS2 was amazing as it fit my hands perfectly.

    As an Adult.... well my hands are too fucking large to comfortably use ANY console controller, So Keyboard it is.
    Then you have unusually large hands. I don't have small hands by any means. I liked the original Xbox controller just fine when I was 11. Now, I'll agree that I don't care for the PlayStation controller. Having both thumbsticks on top of each other's not a nice design, IMO. However, none are too small for my hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilfrier View Post
    My stepmom worked at a KB Toys when those came out, and if I remember correctly, she said EVERY SINGLE ONE was returned, I believe because they were ALL defective. It was something like a 50% failure rate or something.
    That's not surprising, actually. Knowing the technology back then, does that look like it'll work? It looks more like a prop from Star Wars than a functional piece of gaming equipment :P Those were the days though; Nintendo was overflowing with new and innovative ideas. Some worked, the others are remembered because of how comically atrocious they were.
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    I liked my xbox controller and i have a razer one i use for both my computer and my xbox...
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    I personally prefer the xbox 360 controller, buttons are perfectly placed and the weight with a battery pack or 2 AAs inside feels great. Close second would be the gamecube controller and my least favourite controllers are any and all of the playstation ones, too small and the buttons are awkward to hit.

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    Well, most controllers these days are comfortable enough for me, although the PS3 one feels a little out of date ergonomically these days compared to the 360. The first controller that made me think "wow this is actually comfortable" was the old Microsoft Sidewinder.

    Least comfortable would be the NES and Master System, no effect at all to make them nice to hold back then I guess. And while the N64 was fine to hold, it always confused me as to why Nintendo thought I had 3 hands.

    Keyboard and mouse I find hard to beat these days though.
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    Xbox 360

    Those are my top three, in approximate order.

    The least comfortable controller I've held in memory is probably the PS3's, and it's almost entirely due to the triggers. What kind of drugs were the developers snorting when they decided that triggers should be convex?
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    SNES, GC controllers and mouse and keyboard. XBox controllers have always felt too large, PS controllers too light and the N64 was just weird.

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    PS2 controller for me, maybe because I have used it so long but it just was a perfect fit for me. Always thought the XBOX was too big and clunky.

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    GameCube controller

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    For me, it'd have to be the playstations Dualshock controller ;3.

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    If you include gaming pads, my fav is the Razer Nostromo. So comfy, I've been on that for hours and felt great.

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    Despite not being a big fan of the Xbox, the 360 controller is pretty great. I would have said the SNES controller, but the fact that the 360 controller is wireless makes it a winner.

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    PSX controller for sure. Snes feels too small now, NES similar + corners are pointy. For second place I'd say the 6 button Genesis controller.

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    Lol how can anyone hate the N64 controller, that thing was boss.

    All the PS controllers on the other hand have always been complete garbage, which makes it absolutely hilarious that they haven't changed the design.

    Dreamcast controller was interesting... but dat wire on the bottom of the controller drove me friggin nuts.

    Classic Xbox controller is definitely the worst thing ever made. The second iteration and 360 ones ain't bad.

    Oh right I'm supposed to pick a favorite instead of just being a hater... SNES. Simple, elegant, logical. Would've gone with NES for teh classic lulz but pointy sides are never a good choice on a controller.

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    Seems many here have gigantic hands lol. I personally love the PS3 controller, it's light weight and my hands wrap around it perfectly. I feel like the Xbox 360 controller has too much wasted space and it is heavier than i'd like.

    It's funny, my best friend and I were having this exact discussion last night. He likes the Xbox 360 controller better and i like th ePS3 controller better. But we both agreed that the game cube controller was the worse ever. Terrible button placement and funky design.

    We also agreed that if someone was to make a mix up of the PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers it would be the best. PS3 shape and weight, Xbox analog layout. Keep the PS3 pressure sensitive buttons and Xbox 360's triggers.

    If it was possible i'd make one myself, pretty sure i can get close, but the Analog positions would be difficult to alter on a PS3 controller.

    I think also it kind of depends on the game i'm playing. For an RPG i'd rather the PS3 controller, but for something like Forza or a FPS, i like the xbox controller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathandira View Post
    It's funny, my best friend and I were having this exact discussion last night. He likes the Xbox 360 controller better and i like th ePS3 controller better. But we both agreed that the game cube controller was the worse ever. Terrible button placement and funky design.
    Not to single you out since a few people have said something similar, but this is really lol. The 360/PS3/GC controllers have extremely similar designs with only slight differences in button layout and contours, so I hope saying the GC is the worst means you just haven't played any other system.

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    Atari Pong Controller

    May not be the most useful, but its without a doubt the most comfortable I have ever used to date.
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    Without a doubt my TAC-2 from my C64/Amiga time

    Proud member of Swedish MMO gaming community "Swedish Game Corner"

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    360, dreamcast, 64, gamecube. I have big hands. My only problem is after long sessions the controllers feel sweaty. I fucking hate playstation controllers. They are so tiny that i can accidentally press r1/r2 or l1/l2 when i'm just trying to press one at a time.
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    keyboard and mouse , nothing ever comes close

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