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    The original Xbox controller. A lot of people said it was huge, and it kind of was, but I loved that thing. I hated it when Microsoft replaced it with the smaller version, it felt so strange.

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    My most comfortable ever would have to be the original Playstation controller. Not my favorite controller though.
    Gamecube controller is still my favorite. The way you have to grip the controller tight creates too much heat for it to disperse properly, so I always used to end up with sweaty hands.

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    360 controller, end of.

    Even bought a 3rd party controller for my PS3 purely because it reversed the d-pad/left stick position as well as have the same size/shape as the 360 controller.
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    Xbox 360 Controller followed by Gamecube controller.

    The 360 controller just fits my hands so well and is just the right weight.

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    Gamecube controller. Xbox controllers always felt too bulky and PS's have always felt awkward in general. Sideways Wii remote works and feels surprisingly well too, but it could have been made a lot better for the upright/nunchuck position.

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    360 and GameCube.

    And worst.. Wii Remote. Just.. awful.
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    I love both the dual shock and the xbox controllers. The dual shock feels amazing in my hand and the xbox controllers are bulky enough for me. The gamecube and n64 controllers were absolutely the worst designed. The lack of a second analog stick on both of them made me cry.

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    I've always felt like the xbox 360 controlled was the PERFECT controller. Perfect weight, perfect size for my hands, very intuitive button layout. Responsive and comfortable triggers. When I first started with it though, my thumbs KILLED after a session of gaming. They were sore as hell. But after a week I got used to it. Now it's the only controller I can ever really use properly. The PS3 controller feels so wrong, it's backwards. Awfully designed, the buttons feel awkward when you press them.

    360 all the way.

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    Xbox 360 and the GameCube controllers for me! <3

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    I liked the Sega Dreamcast controller.

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    N64 is my top of the list, at first it was strange but after i got used to it and when i got Star Fox 64 with the rumble pack i loved it forever, 2nd on my list is the Gamecube one, 3rd Xbox 360. Playstasion ones are ok and i like that they keep the same desing unlike Nintendo :P

    The worst one was the first Xbox controller blah!

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    none of them particularly bothered me. all of them now give me sore a thumb, since i rarely play with them anymore . i will say the n64 controller had its way tearing up ones hand during mario party. i've got small hands. i'll go with ps and ps2 being the most comfortable since they don't usually rub my thumb "raw".

    o i do hate the wii controllers .
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    360 all the way ps3 comes in second for me though

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    i like the n64 controller. and i really like the playstation controller.

    the nes controller is pretty comfortable but only because there's nothing on it.

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    The Ps2/Ps3, I don't think it's really close tbh. Xbox 360 is a good controller also.

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    Close call between Game Cube & 360 for me.
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    for me it has to be the PS3 controller and Gamecube controller
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    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the nia game controller,

    Oh the fun I had with that thing in CS, I managed to get so many TK's just by trying to move about

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    I have to agree with the 360 crowd..

    And I dont even own 360. I own PS3 and GC and 3rd party 360-like controller for PC (that is not comfy but has mini air-conditioner). GC was great too, then comes PS3.
    But everytime I play with 360 it just feels so comfy..damn.
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    Best would be Xbox 360 or PS2.

    Worst was 1st Xbox and Gamecube. Xbox was too big, and the button layout on Gamecube sucked.

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