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    [Balance] Burst Pre-Potting Castsequence Macro Opener

    I was reading a thread on this board and a post made by Sunfyre inspired me to make this. This is intended to be used on single target bosses where you can pre-pot and place mushrooms before engaging the boss.

    What you'll need:
    Super Duper Macro: http://www.wowinterface.com/download...uperMacro.html

    Paste this in a new Super Duper Macro and make sure there's no superfluous space:
    /castsequence reset=combat/target starfall, potion of the jade serpent, wrath, sunfire, flashfrozen resin globule, Incarnation: Chosen of Elune, nature's vigil, moonfire, starsurge, starfire, starfall, starfire, starfire, starfire, celestial alignment, wild mushroom: detonate, berserking, moonfire, starfire, starfall, starfire, starfire, starfire, starfire, starfire
    Drag the macro to your action bar and bind it to a hotkey. Make sure to replace "flashfrozen resin globule" in the castsequence macro by your preferred "on-use" trinket and to remove "berserking" if you're not a Troll.

    How to use:
    Go to a target dummy, use astral communion to be one cast away from lunar eclipse (75 lunar energy) and place 3 mushrooms. Make sure that you have potions of the jade serpent in your inventory and that none of your DPS abilities are on cooldown (stafall, incarnation, celestial aligment etc..) or the macro will stop. In a raid environment, press that hotkey at 1-2sec during a pullcountdown -- about ten thousand times and see the number flies.

    You could put some starsurge in there but it's risky because if you don't have a proc the macro will stop. I suggest to simply cast starsurge manually when it procs and resume the button mashing after.

    I would highly suggest to use autohotkey with a rapidfire script for your hotkey but I think it's against the rules here so I won't go into details. If you think you have a better opener, please let me know. I'm open to criticism.
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    Congratulations on making a simple opener simpler.

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    Im sure this can be helpfull to alot of people out there.

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