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    Or just give us back the reduced radius on starfall glyph.
    Or just fix the damn spell like they have in the past. Shocker I know, make Blizz actually fix something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earthwormjim View Post
    This isn't a bug but the fact that it breaks CC is the most annoying thing about Starfall. Will of the Emperor specifically calls for a ton of CC on rages and you pretty much can never use Starfall throughout the fight as a result. I would like to see a glyph that makes stars ONLY hit your target. Meaning if there are two or more mobs up you will be sacrificing half of your stars, but at least on a fight like you Will you can use the spell. We have no 2 piece bonus when fighting this boss :/
    This. Our tier 2-piece bonus RELIES on us using starfall everywhere and yet if we cannot trust a major portion of our rotation then we are gimped. When there are two or more mobs we actually do get our full complement of stars, we only lose half when there is a single mob they hit (ref: EJ). Plus the breaking cc bug. Jeez blizz stop with the tweaks and start with the actual FIXES dammit.
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    the hunter talent barrage has this problem aswell =P

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    Barrage doesn't affect a 40y radius around the Hunter, though.

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