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    Quote Originally Posted by purplelace View Post

    Don't let the race be dictated by heroic or normal switching, especially when it comes to "linear" progression. The following rules should be in place (for LINEAR) progression:

    • If you kill a boss on normal, all of the remainder bosses can only be killed on normal.
    • If you kill a boss on heroic, heroic progression remains, but once you have switched to normal mode and killed a boss, you can not do any other heroic bosses.

    Given how long it took them to down the 2nd and 3rd bosses (no 10v25 arguments here), it looks like difficulty is a bit out of sequence. The world first race has been tainted by now, and many streams have been discouraged from further putting in attempts on the first boss, taking suite after Arctica.

    Please put faith back in the world race by taking these things into consideration.
    Race spectator,

    nobody cares about your shit "top guilds" nor their "race". Please put the idea of adjusting game just for them and fucking up everyone else back where it came from. Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synche View Post
    Just seems like Arctica pussed out and gave up on a boss and decided to continue on without the headache of it.

    Even if they clear the whole place it won't be considered World First by any means and they will always have an * by their name and will always be remembered as "that guild"
    Really? REALLY?
    You can't congratulate them for killing something FIRST simply because they used a different means to complete their goal?
    People these days and their need for self entitlement.

    Congratulations to Arctica on their kills. I see no reason not to skip a boss if you feel you can't get it done. It reminds me of my Cata guild when we killed all the first bosses in Dragon Soul 25 man on heroic except Warlord Zonz because we suck.
    A world first is just that, FIRST IN THE WORLD.
    They killed it first, they get a world first. Oh look they did it again. 2 for them.

    You must be one of those top guilds that cries that you can't put "World First" next to those boss names on your recruitment page. Seriously, get over yourself.

    Or are you expecting other guilds to put "World First Kill of Imperial Vizier Zor'lok, Blade Lord Ta'yak, and Garalon in Linear Order." When they kill these bosses?
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    They shot themselves in the foot if they wanted to go for a world first end-boss kill this week.

    I suspect most top guilds will do this toward the end of their raiding week if they don't down the first boss just to try and grab some gear.

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    so much butthuurt in this ebic thread

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    Who cares really, the only thing that matters is who defeat the last boss, rest isn't very relevant.

    Let them get 15min of fame.

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    Anyway, its not like people will remember who killed theses boss in couple week. Maybe the guild that kill first boss and mostlikely who ever manage to kill final boss will be remembered for some time.

    And anyway, like other here said, every single guild could skip the first boss. Arctica was just the first one to did it. Probably more will follow.

    Edit : Sh**, im running out of pop-corn >_<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fnx- View Post
    Who cares really, the only thing that matters is who defeat the last boss, rest isn't very relevant.

    Let them get 15min of fame.
    No way man. That's not how it works. Arctìca is clearly the best guild in the world right now.

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    It's their own decision to skip first boss HC which happens to be major cockblock while next 2 are actually easier. They miss on endboss hc propably but they're adult, and i think they're aware. They could and did, world first is theirs. WF means exactly this - FIRST IN THE WORLD . No if's, no but's. If any other guild wants to they can hoop to 4th or 5th boss and get a world first on these heroics.

    Get over it, lose your illusion and quit qq'ing with your imaginery "rules" that do not exist. Same goes for 10/25 debate. WF is WF, regardless of raid size. You could divide it into three categories actually - overall, 10man and 25 man. Everyone's happy. Mogushan Vaults results would be then like this
    World First - Paragon
    WF 10 - Paragon
    WF 25 - Method
    World Second - Method

    Sometimes it's truly confusing that MMO champ community actually honors world first level 90 by Fz (or Fc) that was done in exploitative manner and character was deleveled by Blizzard but refuses to honor world first boss kill in completely legit way.
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    Same guild just killed Garalon HC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snore View Post
    Nothing is ruined. Arctìca is now only able to get 4/6 heroic kills this week. They can't kill the first boss because they killed him on normal. The last boss won't spawn on heroic unless all other bosses in the raid was killed on heroic.

    What's the big deal? They can't get world first on the end boss either way.
    This man is right. They dont get world first.

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    Yes, Arctica, how DARE you have fun with the game by skipping an unbeatable boss and fighting 2 next, suprising everyone? Don't you know it was Paragon and Method we were expecting? And about your own words that you "dont wanna participate in world first race"... How dare you not participate in it! Blizzard left you an option to skip a boss during progression, but you shouldnt use that!

    <sarcasm off>

    And by the way, gratz, gratz to Arctica. You showed you've got guts, that there is no "big trio" that has monopoly over the HC raids, that you can threat raiding as a way to have fun, not as a mundane race. Salute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nekrosislol View Post
    With them killing it on normal they literally cant get 6/6hc this week for world first while other guilds still working on the first boss could possibly get 6/6h.

    They shot themselfs in the foot if they wanted to get world first 6/6
    Prior to that kill they were barely in the world top 100. One of the members already specified that they have no intention of being world first 6/6 Heroic. They simply skipped a boss that seems unkillable and tried to continue progressing...which is no different than almost any other non-24/7 progression raid guild might do. People are all butt-hurt that these guys aren't going to get world first now when that was never their intention. They're just trying to get some bosses down so they can get better gear and continue progressing. Isn't that what progression is about? Kill what you can to gear up and then focus on what you struggle with once you have better gear.

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    What are the chances Paragon or Method will go 6/6 H HoF this week?

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    Seriously "HC HoF Race Ruined" what kind of doomsday-title is that, and why is everybody so mad?

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    +1 because Arctica.
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    the only boss that matters is the final boss
    Quote Originally Posted by tkjnz
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    Inb4 all the "Lol 10s don't count!!" also...

    Anyways, people have been skipping bosses since forever, what does it matter if they did 1st boss on normal, they got 2 HC WF kills because they did that. Any other guild could have done it, yet nobody did as they were too much into trying to kill an impossible boss. Anyway, I think that WF Vizier will be much better achievement than those significantly easier bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esubane View Post
    Sometimes it's truly confusing that MMO champ community actually honors world first level 90 by Fz (or Fc) that was done in exploitative manner and character was deleveled by Blizzard but refuses to honor world first boss kill in completely legit way.
    Fz did it in a 100% legit way, only used a buff certain mobs gave to make him deal more damage. Mob tagging has and will always be allowed.

    Get your facts straight before trolling

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    So much butthurt in here... I don't see how boss skipping is new or bad. They chose to rather progress through the instance (and get more loot) for next week than going for killing the last boss this week. That's quite smart and if anything a tactic more guilds who don't aspire on killing all bosses this week should try tbh.
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    Honestly the only kill that matters to me is Heroic Sha of Fear. He's the end boss of the tier.
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