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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarevokcz View Post
    dunno if I should laugh at the guilds who skipped him or be angry with blizzard with hotfixnerfing boss between maintenances again, which they said they wouldnt do to make competition "fair"
    What Blizzard said and what Blizzard does can often be completely different.

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    boo friggin hoo. get over it. its all fair, I actually wonder why no other guild did this? or maybe we just didnt hear from any other guilds because we dont care about world 2nd.

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    The hotfix doesn't affect the race because no guilds have killed the boss prior to the fix.
    Its a mess when its in between guilds killing it (Remember hodir hardmode in Ulduar?)
    I think in this case its fair.

    Don't think the race is messed up because its a race to first 6/6 in my eyes. (Along with individual bosses)

    I don't think I've ever discredited a world first full clear because said guild was a bit late on the earlier bosses.

    What this does is it makes it a bit trickier for Blizzard to hotfix the first boss again(To a point where some kills can be made), and the guilds that skipped it missed out on potential loot.(I'm assuming more guilds will decide to skip and start working on the 2nd boss and on)

    But I'm guessing that's a risk they're willing to take to be able to progress on more bosses for the time being.
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    Just passing by before dinner, 3 other guild just killed heroic Blade Lord Ta'yak while doing the first boss in normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felhunter View Post
    this is something that has been known too top worlds since the systems was implented (ICC).

    its sad one of them breaks their honor code, but its not too blame blizz to be honest
    it wasnt their honour code. if the world first race guilds refuse to skip, thats there own code. they new they couldnt kill 1st boss. they decided to move on. grats to them on world first. the WF race is NOT ruined. the world first race is to end boss. always has been. think firelands. if i remember correctly, paragon got ONE world first kill and that was raggy. (they might have got domo as well).

    and if they were to make the change normal or heroic, never both - that would ruin raiding for a LOT of guilds. most guilds, mine for example, will do the heroic bosses in the order of there difficulty. shannox - ryolith -domo - alysrazor for example. we need the gear from normal to progress on HC. stop thinking that the world first race is the main focus of everything. the vast majority of raiders dont even care about the world first race, and even fewer are involved in it.

    OT - massive grats to arctica on a well deserved world first

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    Blizzard doesn't acknowledge first kills or progression. They put the content out there and the people do what they do on their own. If you want "rules" put in place then you should take your complaints to people who run the ranking websites.

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    Wowprogress ultimately only ranks the kills of the final boss. What they did got them no closer to that kill. It's fun to get some refognition for a bit, and who knows, maybe they are for real, but boss skipping ultimately gets you no where in terms if the final results.
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    im curious to see if the other guilds will skip for the gear closer to the reset if 1st boss still isnt down

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    This is stupid. I'm certain they knew what they were doing and weren't pushing for WF Shek'zeer in any way. Plenty of guilds skipped Spirit Kings and killed Elegon HC, even more skipped 4 bosses in Firelands to kill Majordomo HC after Shannox because he was so faceroll. How does it matter or even affect the race in any way? It is ONLY the End boss that matters and she can't be pulled by anyone who skips.

    GZ to Arctica on the kill.

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    Hey there I heard you got a s**tstorm going on in here so I decided to put the lock on it. Deal with it.
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