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    The blue post doesnt make any sense and here is why. Can someone explain elemental shaman counters and cc's and defensive cooldowns to the other classes?

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    I agree with redlikemyrage wholeheartedly. I'm not an expert PVPer by any means (best rating ever was 1800ish in 2's), usually winning as many games as we lose. But CC is in a pretty ridiculous state at the moment, and even worse than that is the self-healing capability and widespread "immunities" of DPS. What happened to the days of needing a healer to heal or prevent damage? I play as an Ele Shaman currently and, as a true hybrid class, should have the capability of being a subpar off-healer - as should Boomkins, Ret Pallies, and SPriests. Currently, our (Ele Shaman) healing capability is worse than virtually every DPS class (save Mages) and it's pretty sad.

    DPS should have 1-2 small self-heal CD's to buy time for a CC chain on a healer or to "assist" in turning the tide of a 1v1 skirmish, not 2-3 short CD, enormous healing abilities and 3-4 CC's. It seems Blizzard "simplified" the talent structure, yet manage to complicate things even more by giving most classes ANOTHER CC AND another way to break it. So now it's, as redlikemyrage stated, an arms race of what classes have the most CC's and ways to break CC, rendering enemy CC useless. If every time a CC is landed there is a way to break it, why land it at all?

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    Im amazing at this game i can roll my face

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why do shamans have 1 skillshot CC and 1 castable CC, which can be dispelled by dps?
    - I don't get this

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why doesn't fear break on damage?
    It does break.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why does Poly not have a CD but Freezing Trap does (and you have to use 2 abilities to land it)?
    Frost trap is instant.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why does blanket CS provide a 4s silence on a 24s, when Strangulate provides a 5s silence on a 1-2min CD?
    DK's have Mind Freeze and Death Grip and Gnaw stun to interrupt casts (i think there is more but you get the point)

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why do holy paladins have 3 CCs but priests have 1?
    Priests have Silence, Horror, Fear (but I do agree that Dsicpline needs additional tool)

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why do priests still not have an interrupt?
    Silence (which frankly should be made baseline, with only shadow having blanket part).

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why does silencing shot give a 3s lockout on a 20s CD, but CS/Spell Lock gives a 7s lockout on a 24s CD?
    Bigger cooldown I guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    Why is shockwave a 4s stun on a 20s CD and Deep a 5s stun on a 30s CD, but Intimidation is a 3s stun on a 1 minute CD?
    Deep Freeze is has 30y range, your pet can stun whoever he wants as long as target is in range of pet. Shockwave CD is being increased as I recall.

    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    I'm not complaining about a certain class or wanting a buff to my class. If it did, I apologize. I play a hunter, we're overpowered, and I'm aware. I'd just like to see some consistency among the CCs...
    Different classes, different mechanics. There are already to much homogenization, let at least CC's stay out of this.

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    Frost trap isnt instant, it has a 1.5s hidden cast time between when it lands on the ground and when it "opens". pretend it can be casted while moving and can't be interrupted. like steady shot/cobra shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redlikemyrage View Post
    Instead now I have to beat through every opponent as if it was a Wrath ret pally, with the 2 extra lives (lay on hands, bubble heal to full).
    You missed one, the poem is:

    Bubble, Repentance, Lay on Hands
    Ret Pallies have three lives
    Like Pacmans

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    people wanted more tools to counter the burst dmg,blizzard gave these tools to most classes but now they backfire cause they have been used offensively in conjuction with the insane burst dmg currently the game has atm.

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    ccs now are more important than ever. And I do agree with you, its more than "different classes", its unbalanced and wrong. Plus the fact that there are so many ccs now that getting cced 15 -20 times before a 2v2 arena game ends, yeah, its not enjoyable at all.

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