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    Practice Shattered Hand Horde EU 10m guild LF a Tank and a Mistweaver/resto Shaman.

    Practice is a newstarted guild on Shattered Hand and is formed by some Irl mates with experience from Higher content. Due to our slow progression now in the beginning of MoP we have decided to fill our roster and stop bringing in Puggers. Atm we have 3/6 hm MsV and 3/6 HoF but we would like to fix this and bring MsV down as fast as possible so we can compete for the server first achiv.

    Our Raidtimes are:
    Wednesday: 20-23 pm server time
    Friday: 19- late at night
    Saturday: (Often) 19- late at night
    Sunday: 19-23 pm server time

    To give u a taste of our guild we have very high ranked players at logs and all the dpsers and the healers that we have had are ranking on logs almost every time. U can check Shattered Hand Logs rikus gäng. Its called that because of that we are a scandinavian guild atm but we are open to dedicated players from other countrys.

    To contact me and get more Information about us Add my Battletag Reipar#1450

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    Add me Reipar#1450

    Practice Gaming

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    Add me Reipar#1450

    Greetings from Practice

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    Add Reipar#1450

    Shattered Hand guild Practice

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    Practice LF Players to fill Roster

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    Practice LFM players

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