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    Help with resto basics

    Hello, i just got a SoR shaman and have went restoration as i have been wanting to play one for awhile. I am wondering if anyone can point me to a good basics of shaman and resto in particular guide(s) or give me some tips on how to learn and get used to the class. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm sure there is a sticky post in this forum as well if you look up top.

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    Thanks ill take a look and just about to start reading the sticky thats here

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    After 3 minutes of that video I want to blow my head off.

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    Basic pointers.

    Keep earth shield on the tank
    cast riptide on cooldown
    use healing rain if people are stacking

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    As has been mentioned above there a few key points that if you do them gets your 90% of the way to being a good Resto Shaman


    • Wear Mail with Intellect and Spirit. On nearly all occasions a higher ilv piece will be better than a lower level one irrellevant of secondary stats
    • Ensure you have at least 871 Haste Rating, for additional ticks of Healing Rain, Earthliving and Riptide
    • After that focus on gaining additional Crit or Mastery, it basically doesn't matter which
    • At lower gear levels just gem Spirit in everything. With +120 Int or Spirit bonus match sockets.


    • Healing Wave
    • Healing Stream Totem
    • Totemic Recall


    • T1: Astral Shift (if the fight has a massive damage mechanic), Stone Bulwark Totem (if the fight has constant raid damage)
    • T2: Windwalk Totem (if the fight has a troublesome mechanic which can be removed with this), if not then Earthgrab Totem (especially in fights with adds)
    • T3: Call of the Elements
    • T4: Ancestral Swiftness, or if the fight has intense burst healing requirements and gear is enough to reach first haste breakpoint Elemental Mastery
    • T5 Healing Tide Totem
    • T6: Unleashed Fury (for high single target damage fights), Primal Elementalist (for high AoE damage fights)


    • Keep Earth Shield on a tank (that's getting hit!) all the time
    • Keep Water Shield up on yourself all the time
    • Keep Earthliving on your weapon
    • Use Riptide (unglyphed) on cooldown
    • Use Healing Stream Totem on cooldown
    • Use Healing Wave if light single target damage is going out
    • Use Greater Healing Wave if large single target damage is going out
    • Use Healing Surge is someone would die in the time it takes to cast any of the above
    • Use Unleash Elements then Healing Rain if multiple people need healing and are stacked together (and will stay there)
    • Use Chain Heal if multiple people are stacked and need light healing
    • Use Uleash Elements if you have to move and Riptide is on cooldown


    • Use Mana Tide Totem when you are below 80% mana (and there isn't upcoming regen time in the fight)
    • Use Healing Tide Totem when the raid needs massive amounts of healing
    • Use Ascendance when the raid takes a large amount of damage. Ideally only pop this when Riptide is up on 3 people and Healing Rain has just been cast
    • Use Spirit Link Totem when the raid is grouped up and taking damage (especially high single target damage)
    • Use Primal Elementalist (if talented) when large AoE healing is needed
    • Use Spiritwalker's Grace if you need to move for an extended period of time and the raid still needs healing

    Advanced Tips:

    • Use an addon like WeakAuras to help keep track of all the above
    • Use cooldowns early and often
    • Use Totemic Recall (Glyphed) just before Healing Stream Totem is about to finish to gain the mana back

    Best of luck!
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    What Amex said covers most things. I've recently gotten into shaman healing as off-spec so I can be more useful in our raid group, and anything and everything I've researched he just said, plus a few more things I was unsure about.

    So listen to him! Excellent tips.

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    I'll guess this is about PvE?

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