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    Stampede bug

    Despite stampede having all the "omfg nerf" attention, nobody has seem t have noticed there seems to be a bug.
    Using stampede under Wrath, nither increases its dmg by 20% like it would if where considered a pet ability, nor ist increased by 10% as it should if it was considered a hunter ability (which would be the correct version in my eyes)

    I consider this to be a bug as long as Wraths tooltipp doesnt get updated to state "increases all your damage dealt by 10%. does not affect stampede"...

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    Because Stampede is not actually your damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by osa View Post
    Because Stampede is not actually your damage.
    stampede is a summon, all summons in wow work this way.

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    hmm, you are right. Dire Beast acutally works the same way.
    and there was me believing all the people that were comparing there BM start rotas und using DB while BW was active...

    I do still think those spells should profit from the 10%, but if as there seem to bo inconcistencies, it will probably stay is it :-(

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