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    Question - Maximizing dps - Stop cobra shot to use other skill?

    So, the question is simple:

    Should I stop cobra shot casts when Kill Command finished its cooldown?

    The same question for other skills too (Glaive Toss, Dire Beast).

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    Generally no, unless you're going to focus cap (but then you shouldn't have been casting cobra shot to begin with). At its worst, cobra shot is 2s, if you interrupt it even optimally at 1s (the GCD and earliest time you can cast KC anyways) you're essentially wasting a GCD's worth of damage, and, on top of that, missing the regenned focus which amounts to about an AS.

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    No, either you just don't cast CoS and anticipate that KC coming off cooldown or just go through with it and queue up KC (or any other instants).
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    Never ever ever ever ever stop casting. The more often you do it, the more downtime you have during a fight = less dps.

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    no never for a kill command, you know when KC comes of cooldown, so that should never happen (anticipate)
    the only issue is LocknLoad for SV, but generally by the time you stop the cast and recast you lose a lot of time (lets say 1/2 of the cobra is lost)

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