For a casual pve-er, valor is still pretty easily obtained with the multitude of options at everyone's disposal. But for the hardcore pve-er who rarely has time or energy when playing to dedicate to pve, conquest is virtually impossible to obtain.

I play on a battlegroup that, based on my random-queues, wins 2 out of every 23 games on average (I have queued for 23 random bgs since mop launch, and won all of 2 of them). Thats hours and hours of effort required for almost no reward.

That said, I don't have the means to build a strong enough pvp set to do rbgs or arena with anyone (would be embarrassing to even ask anyone with my collection of pve-raid gear and some boe resil pieces). I work full time and go to school full time, barely have time to finish dailies each day and some time to try and valor cap at least once a week. I can't add farming the 19,000 or whatever honor required to finish my pvp set to this in a week to be able to get into arena or rbgs, quite literally dont have the time. Even if valor to conquest trading still exists, I couldn't do that and retain raiding competitivenes in my guild.

I know I'm not unique, this isn't a QQ thread, surely there are others with this dilemma and was curious how they handled it. What is the most efficient way to obtain large quantities of conquest points without having much to any pvp gear?