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    [A - Kel'Thuzad - US] <Superficially Deep> 8 / 16 - Weekend Raiding - Sham / Priest

    Are you a serious WoW player who is sick of zerg / anonymous / elitist guilds ?
    Do you want to see all the content MoP has to offer with a small group of solid players ?

    The core of our guild is three people who have been playing together, running various types of guilds on many different servers and both factions since before AQ was end game. Over that many years we have seen our friends drift to other hobbies / careers / relationships. When MoP came out we decided that it was time to make new connections and new friends to share Pandaria with. We have been extremely lucky and have grown to 14 players and are enjoying great times. No stress, no fights, no drama.

    We are in need of a healer with a DPS off spec; Shaman or Priest

    Saturday - Noon PST / 1pm EST - 3 to 4 hours
    Tuesday - 7:30 PST / 10:30 EST - ~2 hours

    Raiding only 4 hours a week we have cleared 6/6 MV & 2/6 HoF. We dont raid many hours but we are serious about progression and expect the same.

    The ideal person to join us is;
    Mid 20s or older
    has a day job
    has a partner who plays as well
    logs 20+ hours of play time a week
    enjoys battlegrounds, heroics, challenge mode dungeons
    not afraid to joke around in guild chat
    not intimidated by Canadians

    People who would have more fun in a different guild;
    anyone who enjoys having 200 people online in the guild at once
    anyone who needs to measure their epeen every few minutes
    anyone that needs to clear all hardmodes to feel like they have progressed
    people who are too special to help a guildy with a quest, achievement, craft combine, ect
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    Bump - still looking for the last person to round out the roster

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    One more serious healer to complete the team.

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    Now finished with normal mode MV.

    HoF and heroics very soon -- Need one more healer to complete the team.

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    Now 2/6 HoF -- still room for a good healer.

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    Bump for great heals -- I know you are out there :P

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    Still need a healer!! If your under geared don't be shy, well do all we can to work with you.

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    Bumps in the night..

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