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    I think your putting to much into what the intentions of what archeology and for example fishing are supposed to be . They wanted people to have something to do besides site in stormwind or org AFK all these side profs are just meant to give you something simple and stress free to do while you wait for your raid ,dungeons,arena or BG ...and really that's all it should be . The reason I say that is because you don't want to get caught up in something you can't get away from while you are waiting ..which is why these profs are perfect ...yeah they could be more interesting but for example having random combat in archeology does not work for me because my dungeon or Arena my pop and I don't want to be stuck in combat and miss out ...etc etc

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    No rewards, no fun, just plain old boringness, Blizz's forte.

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    It's my favorite profession.

    It's not mandatory you know.
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    Archaeology: The Most boring profession
    Wait, how about fishing?

    Honestly, I had a lot of fun with archaeology at the start of Cataclysm, it was rather interesting treasure hunting for me, and I just couldn't stop sometimes. But then it began painful, mostly because of I can't just turn off night elves dig sites and hunt what I'm really interested in (obviously Tol'vir first of all, but dwarves and trolls would be fine too). And now, when we have 6 spots in one site, elves should be a pure nightmare. I don't even want to try getting crawling claw one more time. The other problem for me is low chance for some rare artifacts (for example, almost everyone I know got Tyrande's doll, but no one got Jin'Roh).
    And I like what they did for arch in MoP in whole (a lot more fragments from one site, trading Pandaria artifacts for crates, dailies), but... As I said earlier, increasing number of spots per dig site is good only when you need the race you dig, otherwise it's awful. And they didn't add enough vanity items for new races to be interesting enough. And, oh God, these "collect 20 artifacts of one kind" achievements...
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    It's worse than fishing.
    I have 600 fishing on 2 toons. 525 on 4 others.
    I have 600 arch on 1 toon. 544 on another one.

    I really don't think I could ever do it again, even with the small changes.
    It's so much effort. Atleast with fishing I can put on a movie, watch it, and click when I hear fishing noises.
    With Arch it's paying attention
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    They need to make it so you can apply your relics towards an item you want rather than rng dig sites for an rng item. It's obnoxious. Let me use them towards something and adjust the costs accordingly.

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    If you don't like it, don't do it...

    For me the only thing that I do in the game now I 25man raiding. I think everything else is boring now so I don't do anyhting but either prepair for raids, or raid. The rest of the time I don't play wow anymore.

    In the end I am surprised I still enjoy anyhting in the game after over 4 years. But I still pay and play.

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    I was done with Arch after I got my Raptors (pet and mount) but now I know if I want my exalted status with Lorewalkers or any of the other Prof achieves, I will need to finish the push from 455 to 600. Fortunately I am only grinding my main, cause it would suck to have to do it on an alt.

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    Has the boredom been solved with the increased spawn nodes?
    I gave the profession up after looting the Blue Beatle mount.

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    I like archeology. I was playing at cata launch and was very excited. It's not terrible, but it's a generic prof. not really meant for much - I mean what does first aid do once bandages are useless (almost immediately). I had something like 30 of the original artifacts within a month, the tol'vir mount was all I really wanted (and got). And to the OP - even having 30/32 of them - I too didn't have the troll sword... I tried and tried for that one - never seeing it... lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vampyrr View Post
    They need to make it so you can apply your relics towards an item you want rather than rng dig sites for an rng item. It's obnoxious. Let me use them towards something and adjust the costs accordingly.
    But that would remove Blizzards favorite tool, RNG - never gonna happen.

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    First, it is a secondary profession and you claim it forces players to travel across the world FALSE

    Your other claimed cons fall in the same category, secondary professions aren't needed for anything other than a timesink.

    And your suggestions to improve it?

    Every time the mob pops up, I frown. That change alone made the farming worse. You suggest making the mobs even harder, no fuck!ng thanks.
    If you could toggle races off, the items which are rare, wouldn't be rare anymore, losing their worth. Bad change again.

    PS: Zin'rokh is not worth getting any more, I got it as a dps upgrade in cata. If I leveled up arch now, I wouldn't bother with it.

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    The Mists of Pandaria changes to Archeology did wonders to that profession - 6 fragments per digsite really makes it go faster. Still, I think fishing beats Archeology with it's boredom. I think they should remove the RNG-factor of getting the same item many times in a row, max solve count per item or something would make that better.

    I never got Zin'Rokh nor blue bug mount, but I'm flooded with Night Elf Gowns. Sigh.

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    So you play since vanilla and it took you up to MOP to notice this? No wonder we got still so much subscibers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaeni View Post
    I think fishing beats Archeology with it's boredom.
    Yup totally agree on that.
    7 years of WoW -> fishing level 23

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    Fishing says hi..
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    They should make archeology account bound and make the items similar to your current abilities in your spell book(ie not actual items just abilities) instead of having like 20 blue fun items filling your bag/ bank >.<

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    Threads like these can be instantly summarized:

    - I am used to IRL instant gratification and demand the same in-game.
    - Nothing should be hard or random. Everything should be presented on a silver platter.
    - Blizzard is wrong, I know better, the current design is flawed and should be changed the way I see fit.

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    The changes to Archaeology for Pandaria need to be rolled out across the board for all the races. I don't particularly care that I can sell Golden Chamber Pot for 5 gold. I would much sooner be able to trade it in for some extra fragments of a race I don't see very often. In my case Tol'vir. This might encourage people to get back out there and dig, despite the constant stream of NElf and Fossil digs.

    Splitting the continents of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms in half, so there is 4 in the Northern sections and 4 in the Southern sections, so you don't have to go quite so far for every dig.
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    Ive maxed it twice and i think its the best "proffesion" especially if u need something to do. Not the most useful, but the most involed

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    Archeology ain't that bad. You get skill every time you survey these times, where it used to stop at 50 or something. Think this was back in Cata. Felt like I had to visit the trainer all the damn time. Think you also get more fragments out of digsites.

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