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    World First

    I'm sorry if my english sux. But I need to say that Paragon did 6/6 13 hours ago and they are still first place at
    Ok they are 10 man and other top guilds are 25 man like first 14 guilds expect paragon. So don't flame that 25-man is harder than 10-man etc shit.
    My main point was that Paragon rules and American guilds can go and s***!

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    So you dont want people to flame 10man teams, then you go on to flame every american guild? Hypocrite.
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    Thanks for that. In before lock and ban

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    Your English is fine, but your attitude is childish.

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    Considering most of the best players do 25 mans (for the sake of it being the hardest thing to do in Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and possibly on), it's not that surprising that there are more 25 mans with heroic kills than 10 mans. Any of those 25 man guilds at the top could break down into two 10 man's and get the kills. It's just a matter of them not wanting to.

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    I don't think this is very constructive or a worthwhile thread to leave open. Closing.

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