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    Daily quests, farming and stuff as Brewmaster?

    Hello guys,

    I play and raid as Mistweaver which is my main spec. I'd love to have Brewmaster offspec as well, however I am unsure about some things. At the moment I have windwalker offspec to be able to quest fairly quick, kill mobs (f.e. for farming meat), rares etc. I'd like to ask you, Brewmasters who don't have a windwalker offspec. How is your questing? How is your farming? How is your rares killing? It has to be a lot slower isn't it? I'd need a triplespec :-)

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    Unless you manage to do it at a time of day when the questing areas are mostly empty and you have the opportunity to properly round up bunches to AoE kill, itll be slow to the point of frustrating.

    I have a WW spec almost solely to do dailies with, as Brewmasters cannot compete with their ability to quickly snag a single mob, tear it to pieces then hunt for the next one.
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    I'm on a fairly low populated realm and BM works out really well for me, I generally round up about 5+ mobs and nuke em down, using Chi Wave as healing if needed. But like previous poster said, doesn't work too well if you're on a high pop realm

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