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    Resto druids, weak partner for 2v2's?

    I'm currently playing 2v2's with a resto druid, we got to 1820 rating and now its going down.
    Theres so many games where he goes down in like 5 seconds or where I don't seem to be receiving any healing for long times... or when HoTs gets dispelled...

    We face holy pally/war and shammy resto/war teams where the Hpally can actually tank some dmg...BoP himself, HoF... denounces...
    I dunno, just feels like I'm wasting my time with a druid.

    I'm to the point where I spell reflect 90% of cyclones/hex and use interrupts focus macro/charge as soon as their healer tries to do something... yet we still lose to 1600 teams. Just doesn't make sense.

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    Looking for some input

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    Well, a warrior's biggest problem is being snared, rooted, or kited. Paladins are by far the best partner because they can give you Hand of Freedom and keep you mobile. Druids struggle to compare in that regard. Druids also struggle with having their heals dispelled. Shamans will destroy you guys with Purge.

    On the other hand, druids are the best escape artists in the game. With a single Hamstring from you, your healer should be able to get away from whatever is wrecking him and heal up quickly. If he's getting pounded, maybe work on your communication. Help peel hostiles from him and help him stay alive. Charge or Heroic Leap in and fear, or Hamstring a melee, Disarm a melee, anything. Remember you're not just there to do damage!

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