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    Quote Originally Posted by Rustynip View Post
    The way I did that fight was:

    Spec: Arms
    Glyphs: Sweeping Strikes, Unending Rage, Death from Above
    Talents: T1- Double Time; T2-Second Wind; T3-Any; T4-Dragon Roar; T5-Vigilance; T6-Stormbolt

    Make sure you keep a high up time on Sweeping Strikes only while in the leg circles so that you're not wasting rage when you don't have the damage bonus (or two targets for that matter). The reason that I take SB over the other tier 90 talents is because its damage is copied (less 50%) completely to the boss. Stormbolt hits pretty damn hard on that fight too because of the legs damage taken increase. Try to maximize this by lining it up with your CDs (Reck, Synapse Springs, CS debuff, Enrage, etc..). If you're feeling low on rage try to stance dance for when Crush goes out, then back once its over. That'll give you a nice little boost every now and again. Also, if there are no legs up that you can attack, get some boss DPS in but don't waste your SB if you know a leg will be coming up again soon. Come Execute phase, pop your last Reck and your CDs ON THE LEG! This will boost both your dps and the damage to the boss because for every leg you kill, the boss loses 3% of his total health. Faster leg deaths = faster boss death.

    This isn't necessarily the best way to do this boss since I haven't tested Avatar or Bloodbath but this is the way that I got my first kill and it seemed to work out very nicely.
    I preferred BB-SS damage transferred to body also created the bleed. It was several % points higher than when I when testing SB. And avatar is just shit.

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    So beeing fury(TG) on this fight and saw some other replies what is the recomended action? Nuke the legs then switch to the boss. Or infact spam WW with RB.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    How is arms completely dead? Because sweeping strikes got nerfed on one fight? oh please. Bladeflurry should join Sweeping strikes in the -50% damage nerf though, I hardly see how it is fair considering how ridiculously higher combat is in the same cleave situation.
    As a Rogue I'm in complete agreement with you, although for different reasons. Our cleave damage as Combat is so strong that Rogues are usually forced to play Combat in any fight where you are able to cleave, even if it's just for a moment. I personally can't stand Combat but I can't ignore a 80k DPS gap on these kind of fights. I'm usually the first person to say play the spec you like to play provided it's not that far behind at the top spec... but Blade Flurry's design is just stupid. It's so powerful that the Rogue class might as well be called ''Blade Flurryist'' and have the other two specs removed.
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