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    Nature's Swiftness bug?

    I just used my macro:

    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /cast [@slonah] Healing Touch

    And it took me out of bear form while I was tanking. Is this a bug, because the tooltip says I can cast Healing Touch without shifting out of form.

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    I think you need to wait a few seconds before using a spell with it, i know when i use it in bird form it will take me out unless i wait like 1 sec.

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    I honestly don't macro anything to NS anymore due to this issue, as I use NS in the middle of a normal GCD (since it's off the GCD) followed by the spell I'm using when the GCD clears. Too many times I've shifted out of form when doing this, rather be safe than sorry.

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    #showtooltip Healing Touch
    /run SetCVar("autoUnshift",0)
    /cast Nature's Swiftness
    /cast [@player] Healing Touch
    /run SetCVar("autoUnshift",1)

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    You can also avoid this issue by making a casting sequence macro and setting the reset to 60. This never takes you out of form even when quickly spamming the button twice and can be used in all forms.

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    problem is, the server first needs to know if oyu have the buff before it will let oyu cast it without shfiting out of form
    this takes a few millisecs but this makes it unable to put it in 1 macro

    you try to use some of the examples above, however i persnoaly have /cast Nature's Swiftness macroéd to all my attack so i always have the buff up thne i just got to click HT or Rebirth whne i think the time is right

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