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    Ret PvP in Mists.

    So how is it looking so far? I'm sure Holy is still the Way to go but is Ret a much higher Viable Class to play now-a-days in WoW? I've been watching some Ret Pallies Footage and it seems ok. One is Vanguards. The Other Faxiderp and both present a positive turn on how Ret stands in Arena. But I wonder how it is for you guys. Is it worth Buying Mists to Play my Ret again????

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    Ret is "ok" right now. However with Warriors and some other classes being as strong as they are Ret seems to be middle of the pack. If they bring classes like Warriors down a bit than I would say Ret is in a good spot.

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    Well, Warriors are getting a bit of a nerf in 5.1 from what I recall. It may be enough, it may not be enough. Ret is doing decent though, not horribly, at least.

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    Closing this, because threads like this are highly subjective and only you can decide for yourself. Take a look at many of the existing threads about Retribution PvP. If you have a specific question about pvp as retribution, feel free to create a new topic.


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