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    Overused clip or not, that was really funny. I mean yes, I can play that entire Hitler clip in my head with my eyes closed from start to finish at this point, but it was still well-written. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Radoria View Post
    There are others? This is the first I've seen...can you link me to some of the other ones? That was too funny...

    i only know this one, game of thrones related. it's actually pretty good imo, if you know whats up.
    (it's got spoilers FYI)

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    Just watched it through, fantastic

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    Wait, I thought they dropped the Warlock Quest also.

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    That was funny but...
    From what I've heard they are reworking Cataclysm because it didn't really do anything since melee would just run out and run back in when it was done casting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrIvoRobotnik View Post
    Wait, I thought they dropped the Warlock Quest also.
    No It's still there, Even the quest reward from it was data mined from the same patch.

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    Thank you this was amazing!

    Loved the DK, hunter and rogue references they were spot on! Great job whoever made this movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeyrHao View Post
    If Hitler plays warlock and Destro I'm gonna delete mine.
    He probably does and he appears fixated on orange flames like you are.

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    Clearly one of the better ones

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    i almost had a heart attack when watching this version! good job, really good job!
    highlights are bm hunters leaving room and pandemonium lady crying DDDD

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