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    GTX 680 Driver Issues

    So I upgraded my computer during the summer, new MOBO, processor chip, graphics card, etc. However, on several game's and when watching video's I am noticing a weird black out issue. During Diablo 3 for instance whenever I use the map in a dungeon part of the map, not wide out in the open, just a dungeon or a crypt, the screen will go completely black until I turn off the map. During CS: Global Offensive on some maps when using the weapon buying interface same blackout screen. When I download and watch videos or stream them whenever it comes to a part when the video itself goes dark the screen will as well and take an extra 4-5 seconds to move on from the part where it was blacked out.

    Any suggestions? I have tried multiple drivers, including legacies, but always get the same issues.

    Its an ASUS built card if that makes any difference.

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    Delete your drivers through Control panel
    Download Driversfusion http://treexy.com/products/driver-fusion and run it
    Install the drivers again.

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