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    [H] <Neckbeard Excursion> 10m Recruiting Healer

    <Neckbeard Excursion>
    We are a former top 50 US 10 Man guild focused on hardcore progression that has been together for roughly 3 years. Raids are 5 day a week(Depending on state of progression) from 8:00 Pm- 12:00 AM EST on Earthen Ring(Horde).

    - Ranked #161 US 10 Man Guild according to Guidox
    - Ranked#231 in US 25+10 Progress
    - Ranked first on Earthen Ring.
    - Currently 4/6 HOF
    - Currently 2/6 Heroic Mogu.

    Prefer 475 ilevel+ but all are considered!
    One of the following classes/specs:
    -Monk, Priest, or Druid Healer with knowledge of offspec needed for 2 healable fights.
    Feel free to check out our world of logs if you are interested:

    What we expect from you:
    - Near 100% attendance, this is not a bench spot. if you don't show up, we don't progress.
    - Positive attitude towards wiping, it happens/Man up for own mistakes.
    - Able to live in an adult oriented vent

    What you can expect from us:
    - Take server firsts and compete for high rankings
    - Give you a fair shot
    - Replace people in the raid who suck

    If you have ANY interest/questions please contact me(or anyone listed below) and we can talk.
    My battletag: Deshawnjones#1258
    Another person you can talk to if I am not online: Kraks#1288

    If on Earthen ring: Message or mail Kraks/Cowchi/Rezi/Jhabu

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    Wtb offspec healer, go! Go!

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